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Educators 2004 - 2005

Gerald DeGrange, Principal

Brunswick Elementary School

Frederick County Public Schools

Nominated by JoAnne Carter


-The U.S. Department of Education recently applauded Brunswick Elementary for reducing achievement gaps in both reading and math, as well as our family-engagement strategies.  The staff of Brunswick Elementary truly believe that every child can succeed.


Diana Kolego

Teacher, Hickory Elementary School

Harford County Public Schools

Nominated by Secretary Margaret Spellings


- Ms. Diana Kolego named as Maryland’s 2006 Star of Teaching.  Ms. Kolego is the recipient of the No Child Left Behind 2006 American Star of Teaching Award. The honor is given annually to one teacher in each state by the U.S. Department of Education to recognize teachers who demonstrate effective teaching practices.  More than 4,000 teachers were nominated this year.


Rhonda Gray Pitts

Principal, Bladensburg Elementary School

Prince George’s County Public Schools

Nominated by the school community


- Ms. Pitts is the recipient of The Washing Post Distinguished Educational Leadership Award.  For the past five years, Ms. Pitts has worked diligently to create a center of academic excellence for the diverse population of students at Bladensburg Elementary School.  For the past 28 years, she has served as a teacher and educational administrator. Ms. Pitts continuously supports the growth of her staff as well as her students.


Ruth Eisenhour

Environmental Science Teacher

Harford Glen Environmental Education Center

Nominated by Dennis Kirkwood, Harford County Public Schools


- After many years of bringing nature to life for students, Ms. Eisenhour has earned recognition. Ms. Eisenhour recently was named one of three Maryland finalists for an award from the National Science Foundation for science and math teachers. Ms. Eisenhour has been teaching for 19 years.  There is a level of excitement she brings to her teaching every day that is her baseline; she loves life and she loves teaching.


R. Paul Foster

Graphic Arts Teacher, Sollers Point Technical High School

Baltimore County Public Schools 


- Is the recipient of the Education Awards of Excellence. The award is presented annually to one academic representative in recognition of outstanding contributions to education and training in the graphic arts. Mr. Foster has been teaching Graphic Communications for 7 years.  Mr. Foster has helped teachers move forward with PrintEd, a national accreditation for graphic communications program. In 2005, Mr. Foster was named the Dundalk Chamber of Commerce High School Teacher of the Year.


Thomas M. Saunders

Principal, Elkridge Landing Middle School

Howard County Public Schools


Mr. Saunders was honored with a Distinguished Educational Leadership Award from The Washington Post. Mr. Saunders believes that middle school children need structured, yet nurturing environment, even as they grow more independent. He instituted a school-wide program to improve student behavior and reduce suspensions and disciplinary referrals.  Principal Saunders’ devotion for teaching middle school children began during his student-teaching experience at Elkridge Landing Middle School, and he never left. Mr. Saunders has been at the school for five years.  


Donna Paoletti Phillips

Teacher, Robert Frost Middle School

Montgomery County Public Schools


Ms. Phillips, a civic education teacher at Robert Frost Middle School in Rockville, Maryland, is the recipient of the inaugural American Civic Education Teacher Award (ACETA).  Ms. Phillips was recognized as ‘the cornerstone of democracy” at the Fourth Annual Congressional Conference on Civic Education, in Washington, D.C., for her exemplary work in bringing the study of the Constitution to students through the Center for Civic Education’s ‘We the People:  The Citizen and the Constitution’ program.  She teaches the program to her four middle school classes, as well as engages all 8th grade teachers in a school-wide simulated congressional hearing.


Raymond Peloquin


Carroll County Public Schools

Nominated by parents of his students


Mr. Raymond Peloquin received the Distinguished Educator of Blind Children Award from the National Federation of the Blind of Maryland. Mr. Peloquin is a nationally certified teacher of the visually impaired and an orientation and mobility specialist for the Transition to Life program for middle and high school students.  He was selected for his skill in teaching Braille and other related subjects and for his dedication to students.


Dr. Charles M. Christian

Professor and founding director of Black SAGA

Coppin State University

Nominated by Evelyn Adkins Carter, Perrywood Elementary School, Prince George’s County


- For the past nine years, Dr. Christian has inspired young students to learn African American history. Through the creation of Black SAGA, students have improved academically, self-esteem has improved, and in one case, a student came out of depression after becoming involved in Black SAGA. In March, 110 schools gathered to compete in the Black SAGA competition. SAGA builds vocabulary, geography, research, and SAT skills. Dr. Christian is saluted for the Pride he has created through Black SAGA.


Mat Clever

Physical Education Teacher, Howard High School, Howard County Public Schools

Nominated by Jessica Pearsall, Howard County Public Schools


- Mr. Clever has a wonderful way of building a sense of community within the school and keeps the staff informed of the achievements of the students on the team he coaches. He is consistent in his rules and expectations.


Karen Gyolai, Enrichment Teacher, Bakerfield Elementary School, Harford County Public Schools


Simone Moran, Art Teacher, Bakerfield Elementary School, Harford County Public Schools

Nominated by Eric Cromwell, Coordinator of Accelerated Programs, Harford County Public Schools


- Mrs. Gyolai and Mrs. Moran team-taught the enrichment, art, and science activity, Edible Art Palette, to connect an art lesson to a science lesson and then apply it to the student’s real world. The students worked in teams to dye frosting in the primary colors (red, yellow, blue) and then created secondary colors (orange, green, purple). Finally, they frosted vanilla wafers, and once they checked for accuracy as related to the color chart, they ate them!


Chris Horne, Ronnie Voigt, Jim Sniezek, Space Day Team Leaders, Walkersville Elementary School, Frederick County Public Schools

Nominated by Maryland State Department of Education


- Thanks to the leadership of Mr. Horne, Mrs. Voigt, and Mr. Sniezek, two Space Day Teams from Walkersville Elementary School were the only winners in the entire state of Maryland to win at the International Space Day competition. Both teams won for their challenges as the “Best Overall” in a competition that included nearly 300 entries from 23 states and two countries. The Mighty Space Chefs created a menu for a pre-teen astronaut and had to consider the nutrition needed for a pre-teen in space including, calories, vitamins, and taste. The Golden Retrievers created a tool to retrieve things in space by grabbing it at a certain distance and having it retract back to them. The Team Leaders will join their students as they show their designs to NASA officials and receive their award at a ceremony hosted by Senator/Astronaut John Glenn.


Judy Dent

Principal, Patuxent Elementary School, Prince George’s County Public Schools

Nominated by Michael Powell, Patuxent Elementary School


- As the leader of Patuxent Elementary School and a role model and mentor, Mrs. Dent has succeeded in closing the achievement gap. She has done this through various programs such as the Rallying the Village Initiative and to date, this program has led to increased enrollment in the PTA, a parent liaison has been established in each classroom, there are parenting workshops for K-6, and father’s are meeting on a regularly. In addition, Mrs. Dent has lead the school in meeting AYP each year, 21 After School programs have been established, the school is internationally recognized for environmental studies, attendance has increased tremendously, and have secured more than 100 thousand dollars in grants over the last two years.


Landa Mclauren

Principal, Western High School, Baltimore City

Nominated by Anthony Williams, PTA President, Western High School


- Thanks to the leadership of Ms. Mclauren, Western High School has had 100 percent college acceptance of graduating seniors for the past three years and 96 percent for the 2005-2006 school year. Further, in the past 3-½ years, students have received more than 18.2 million dollars in scholarships and since the inception of the Maryland State HSA; the school has been rated in the top 10 percent in the state of Maryland.

Matthew Record
Snow Hill Elementary School Teacher
Worcester County Public Schools

Nominated by Barbara Witherow

- Mr. Matthew Record is a second grade teacher and “rising superstar educator” (according to his peers) and just completed his first year of teaching at Snow Hill Elementary School, a Title I and 2005 National Blue Ribbon School. He comes from a family of educators. His father is principal of Snow Hill High School and his mother is principal of Cedar Chapel Special School.

Pamela South
Greenwood Elementary School Teacher
Somerset County Public Schools
Nominated by Karen Linamen

- Ms. South, a second grade teacher, led a team of teachers in creating a Legacy Garden. This multi-grade level beautification project involved all students and was made possible through a grant Ms. South acquired. Each grade level applied real-life math application skills by plotting their garden in front of the school.

Andy Yount
Sandy Mount Elementary School Teacher/ Counselor
Carroll County Public Schools

Nominated by Barbara Guthrie and Monica Smith

- Andy Yount has been a guidance counselor at Sandymount Elementary School for the past 6 years. During this time, he has inspired thousands of students to believe in themselves, see possibilities that they did not know existed, and try skills never tried before. His classroom lessons involve creative hands-on strategies that are highly engaging for students and allow them to reflect on and practice new skills and ideas. He often involves “older” students to assist during the lesson and encourages these peer leaders to develop their leadership skills by helping younger students. His “Shakespeare for Kids” program culminates in an annual Shakespearean production by 5th grade students. Through these performances, students are provided the opportunity to develop responsibility and teamwork, as well as present artistic performances at a level not expected in such young people. Mr. Yount’s love of children, creative style, and engaging activities bring PRIDE to Sandymount Elementary School.

Patty Rassa
Sollers Point Technical High School
Baltimore County Public Schools
Nominated by Nancy Krystkiewicz & Ashley Honnora Smith

-Under the instruction of Patty Rassa, the Allied Health Program at Sollers Point is a superb program for students who are interested in pursuing careers in the medical field. Ms. Rassa’s dedication to preparing her students for clinical positions is displayed through her diligence and patience. Several students go on to successfully and immediately acquire positions within the medical field.

Seth Roberts
Urbana High School, Social Studies Teacher
Frederick County Public Schools
Nominated by Dian Nelson, FCPS Communication Coordinator

- Only two public school teams made the nation’s top 8 in the 2005 Fed Challenge economics competition. Among 280 teams, Frederick County’s Urbana High School students made the nation’s final four. Coached by social studies teacher Seth Roberts, the team devoted more than 3,500 hours to the challenge. Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan posed a question for the final round of national competition. Citibank awarded the Urbana team $25,000. “This is outstanding evidence that economics education in Frederick County is first class nationwide,” says Superintendent Dr. Linda Burgee.

Ronnie Voigt
Walkersville Elementary School Teacher
Frederick County Public Schools
Nominated by Dian Nelson, FCPS Communication Coordinator

-Five years in a row, Ronnie Voigt has led elementary teams from Frederick County Public Schools to 1st-place national awards in Space Day Design Challenges competition. Eight of the student teams she coached placed first, including teams from Walkersville and South Frederick Elementary. Ms. Voigt was the Space Day spokesperson at the National Science Teacher Association Conference, where she described the excellent preparation the competition provides students. Meeting the many science, math, technology and language arts standards has required the students and Ms. Voigt to meet countless hours after school. “As the Baby Boomer generation retires, the demand for young scientists and engineers is expected to increase at almost four times the rate of all other occupations,” says Lockheed Martin’s president and CEO Robert Stevens, whose company cosponsors the Space Day event. Ms. Voigt does first-class work in preparing students for future work in critical fields that demand skills in math, science, technology and engineering.

Kim Long
Governor Thomas Johnson Middle School Counselor
Frederick County Public Schools
Nominated by Dian Nelson, FCPS Communication Coordinator

- For the first time a Maryland school counselor has received the title, “National Middle School Counselor of the Year” from the American School Counselor Association. That distinction goes to Kim Long from Governor Thomas Johnson Middle School in Frederick County. Mrs. Long is a 22-year veteran counselor. She established one of the first peer mediation programs in the county. “Anyone wanting to observe a first-class program need only go to TJ where the program models the best of how peer mediation should be done,” says colleague Peggy Throne, who nominated Mrs. Long for the state-level award that put her in the running for this outstanding national recognition.

Kathryn Jean Redmond
Westminster High School Teacher
Carroll County Public Schools
Nominated by Marjorie Lohnes, Supervisor of Career & Technology Education

- Jean Redmond has worked tirelessly to establish a National Academy Foundation , Academy of Finance Program at Westminster High School to serve juniors and seniors from all Carroll County High Schools interested in careers in the world of finance. She has attended National Academy Foundation conferences and leadership meetings and established partnerships within the business community that provided relevant opportunities for her students. Mrs. Redmond has focused and implemented the curriculum that has exposed her students to experience at Legg Mason and the Federal Reserve Bank and qualified them for paid summer internships. She is a teacher who truly models rigor, relevance and relationships in her teaching.

Sherri Kennedy
Patuxent Valley Middle School Teacher
Howard County Public Schools
Nominated by Suzanne Gross

- Sherri illustrates and inspires a willingness to tackle all jobs; none are too small nor too big for her giving heart and talented spirit to handle. When Sherri was hired at Patuxent Valley, she managed to get all 80 staff members in shape. The office hums with positive productivity and organized efficiency. All questions, big or small, are handled with a smile and the answer is given patiently. She stays late in the evening learning new programs, shopping for academic breakfasts, and then invites staff and neighbors into her home to celebrate each other. She also recognized two of our employees recently stationed in Iraq by making cards. She also wheels around our building carts that supply food for the weary and she teaches students how to scrap book their lives. Her staff believes that she never sleeps or if she does, she is dreaming up more ways to keep them organized and amazed.

Barbara Armour
Gifted/Talented/Advanced Programs Resource Teacher
Anne Arundel County Public Schools
Nominated by Barbara Zelley, Gifted & Talented Coordinator

- Ms. Amour mentors and prepares students all year for the National History Day State Final and under her supervision, students in Anne Arundel County will acquire historical knowledge and develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. This year’s theme Communication in History: The Key to Understanding, offers students the opportunity to think more deeply about the relevance of three complex terms: communication, history, and understanding—not only national but global history topics.

Sandra Arnold
Central High School Media Specialist
Office of Library Media Services Project Manager
Prince George’s County Public Schools
Nominated by Shari Blohm, PG County Office of Library Media Services Supervisor

- Ms. Arnold was appointed Project Manager of a new online automation system implemented in all school libraries in Prince Georges County. As a manager, Ms. Arnold and a Library Support Team took on the responsibility to collect information determined necessary by the automation company from more than 190 county schools. During the implementation, Ms. Arnold not only met every single deadline for the automation system she also continued to successfully run her own high school library media program. Ms. Arnold’s tireless efforts and enthusiasm for the project will ensure the availability of these resources for all Prince George’s County public school students.

George Radcliffe
Maryland Association of Environment and Outdoor Education (MAEOE)
Member & Past President
Nominated by Carol Towle, Executive Director MAEOE

Mr. Radcliffe received a Disney Education Award for his creativity, innovative teaching methods and ability to inspire students, according to a press release. George will receive $10,000 and his school gets $15,000. Plus, he gets to visit Disneyland in California for a celebration.

Gregory J. McNeil
Anne Arundel County-Freetown Elementary School Teacher
Nominated by Prof. Elaine Sykes

Mr. McNeil successfully established Freetown Elementary as a participant in Black Saga Competition and Exchange City (JAYCEE) He mentors student writers chosen for the poetry competition and also coordinates yearly trip to Constitution Hall in Philadelphia. In short McNeil works to forge a lasting and dynamic link between an historic African American school and the larger community for the children in the order to give them a sense of their history and personal pride.

Lura Eckard

Special Education Teacher

Westminster West Middle School Special Education Teacher
Carroll County Public Schools
Nominated by Dianna Salm, Parent

Ms. Eckard is the Special Education Academic Development Teacher at Westminster West Middle School. She recently received a personal commendation from State Superintendent of Schools Dr. Nancy S. Grasmick and parent Dianna Salm for her tireless efforts in working with student Robert Salm. As a result of Ms. Eckard’s commitment to Robert’s education, both his parents and teachers have seen a vast improvement in his schoolwork and his increased maturity. Ms. Eckard helped Robert with his curriculum for high school and to ensure a smooth transition from middle school and has kept the lines of communication open with Robert’s parents.

Maryland’s Service-Learning Leadership, Service-Learning Fellows
Maryland State Department of Education
Nominated by Julie Ayers, MSDE

Maryland’s statewide Service-Learning Fellows Program will induct eight new members. This 13th annual class of inductees has succeeded in providing K-12 public school students interesting, inspiring, and academically challenging service-learning experiences. This year’s experiences include service to the United Fund and Baltimore Marathon, environmental cleanup projects, collections for the needy, and donations to an area medical center.


Margaret Buckler, North Carroll Middle School, Family/Consumer Science Teacher, Carroll County

Jennifer Cross, Spring Ridge Middle School, Social Studies Teacher, St. Mary’s County

Cheryl Doughty, James M. Bennett Senior High School, Family/Consumer Science Teacher, Wicomico County

Katie Douglas, St. Michael's Elementary School, Language Arts Teacher, Talbot County

Joanna Heckman, Arundel Middle School, Science Teacher, A.Arundel County

Tyrone Holmes, North Caroline High School, Art Teacher, Caroline County

Bethany Restrick, Edgewood High School, English Teacher, Harford County

Cheyanne Zahrt, Lake Clifton-Eastern High School, Physics & Health Teacher, Baltimore City

Maryland Association of Secondary School Principals of the Year
Maryland Association of Secondary School Principals (MASSP)
Principal Winners & Assistant Principal Winner
Nominated by MSDE


Heath E. Morrison, Thomas Stone High School, Charles County

-Upon arrival at Thomas Stone as principal in 2000, Mr. Morrison's goal was to focus on instruction. After many meetings with parents, teachers and students the decision was made to accelerate achievement in the Advanced Placement program. When he first came to Thomas Stone only 135 students were involved in 7 different AP classes. This past year there were 850 students in the 21 AP offerings and 96 percent of them took the AP exam. Minority participation in the AP program has grown from 13 percent to 31 percent in a minority population that makes up 40 percent of the school. In addition over 68 percent of Thomas Stone students were accepted into post-secondary education-the highest in the school's history and they accumulated over $4.2 million in scholarship money-the highest in Charles County Public Schools System. Morrison is revered among educators, parents and students alike recieving the Washington Post Distinguised Educator Leadership Award and the Maryland Association of Student Council State Principal of the Year Award. According to one of his teachers, "Mr. Morrison is every teacher's dream."

Cathy J. Townsend, Salisbury Middle School, Wicomico County

-As principal since the year 2000, Towsend was challenged to create a cohesive school learning communitythat focuses on success for all. Salisbury Middle draws from a very diverse pool of students ranging from the wealthiest families in the county to those who may be homeless. The school has a 62 percent minority population, about 50 percent of students qualify for free and reduced meals (FARMS), and 14 percent of students are Special Education students. Her philosophy is that ALL middle school students are at-risk at some point of their adolescent years, so she had geared her efforts at SMS to meet success in the form of academic, social, and behavioral improvement, intervention, and achievement for her students through a plethora of programs. Some of them include: Gentlemen's Club, Ladies Club, RESPECT Campaign, Minority Achievement Academy, S.H.O.U.T.: Students Helping Other Understand Themselves Reading Rally, 21st Century After School Learning Center, and C.A.R.E.S.:Children At-Risk Educationally and Socially, and many more. Towsend was honored at the MetLife/NASSP Principal of the Year in Washington, D.C. One of her teachers noted that, "Mrs. Townsend is always seeking activities that will help others be successful...and provides opportunities that will improve or enhance [students'] potential for success."

Assistant Principal:

Lori L. Batts, Mardela Middle and High School, Wicomico County

-To improve the teaching and learning environment for special education students, Batts worked with a small group of teachers to study ideas in how to restructure the department, level caseloads, and provide more service hours in the day. They focused on "looping" in which teachers follow their students through all four years of high school. Research has shown that looping eliminates many behavior issues, results in a reduced drop our rate, and increases grade point averages. Parents are pleased with this program and a special educator said, "Ms. Batts artfully balances compassion for each student as a valued individual with the logistical concerns of meeting those individuals needs in a large high school."

2005 Chesapeake Bay Trust Educator of the Year Awards
Elementary & High School Teacher Winners
Nominated by MSDE

- The Chesapeake Bay Trust has recognized two Maryland teachers that have demonstrated a sustained commitment to Bay education, field experiences, and restoration effects, while simultaneously advancing student achievement. Each winner recieves a $2,500 award, a plaque honor his or her accomplishments, and attendance at the Maryland Association of Environmental and Outdoor Educators (MAEOE) conference. This year’s Chesapeake Bay Trust Teacher of the Year winners are:

Pam Sherfey, Fourth Grade, Linton Springs Elementary, Carroll County

- Each year Pam asks her students to take ownership of an ambitious environmental project to improve the water quality of local waterways. Students identify a problem, devise a plan blending science, social studies, math, and language arts throughout the process. Students present this plan school-wide explaining the need for assistance. Pam's school-wide projects include creating a wetland, installing a native garden, establishing a rain garden, and planting a meadow to provide a habitat for birds and insects.

Alan Hammond, Enviromental Science, Allegany High School, Allegany County

- Alan launched the environmental science at his school twelve years ago and has since nurtured it into one of the schools most popular programs. His students conduct in-depth studies of their local watershed and then expand those principles to gain an understanding of the Bay watershed. They discuss the cultural and economic value of the Bay and Alan often extends learning into field experiences. Under Alan's leadership the school received one of the state's first Green School Awards.

2005 Chesapeake Bay Trust Educator of the Year Awards
Chesapeake Bay Trust
Elementary & High School Teacher Finalists

Nominated by MSDE

- The Chesapeake Bay Trust Teacher of the Year Awards celebrates the contribution that Maryland teachers make to restoring and protecting the Chesapeake Bay. They are recognized by the organization for inspiring environmental stewardship not only to students but their fellow educators as well. Each year the Trust chooses two winners-one elementary or middle school teacher and one high school teacher- who have demonstrated a sustained commitment to Bay education. This year’s Chesapeake Bay Trust Teacher of the Year finalists are:

Elementary School Teacher Finalists

  •  Sandra Geddes, Fourth Grade, Westbrook ES, Montgomery County

  •  Mary Ann Perret, First Grade, Davidsonville ES, Anne Arundel County

  •  Mike Powell, Sixth Grade, Patuxent ES, Prince George’s County

High School Teacher Finalists

  •  Billie Bradshaw, Physics, Poolesville High School, Montgomery County

  •  Margaret Paul, Horticulture & Environmental Science, Towson High School, Baltimore County

Francine Plotycia
Abingdon Elementary
Harford County Public Schools; Second Grade Teacher
Nominated by MSDE

- The National Science Foundation recognized Francine Plotycia as the one of the nation’s most innovative and creative educators with the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching. The award is the foundation’s highest distinction for math and science teachers at the elementary and secondary levels.

Kevin Corwin
Colonel Richardson High School
Caroline County Public Schools; Teacher
Nominated by Lisa Redmiles, Colonel Richardson HS Educator

- Colonel Richardson High School takes pride in their community by using homeroom competitions to raise money for community and charitable organizations. Mr. Corwin’s homeroom repeatedly wins these awards despite the transition of students from semester to semester. In fact his students blew away the competition in a recent can food drive with more than 577 cans collected and more than $70 raised with only 13 students.

Arundel High School Yearbook Staff & Advisor, Wanda Trimnal
Anne Arundel County Public Schools; Students & Advisor

Nominated by MSDE

- Arundel High School’s yearbook staff and their advisor, Wanda Trimnal, won a third-place category award for excellence in the Maryland Scholastic Press Association publications contest for the 2004 school. This contest allowed students to compete against other student publications within the state of Maryland.

Annapolis High School’s Literary Magazine Staff & Advisor, Leslie Gershon
Anne Arundel County Public Schools; Students & Advisor
Nominated by MSDE

- The student staff of Annapolis High School’s literary magazine won a first-place category award for excellence in the Maryland Scholastic Press Association’s 2004 publications contest. This contest allowed the students to compete against other student publications within the state of Maryland. The staff is advised by Leslie Gershon.

Second Graders of Middlesex Elementary School
Middlesex Elementary School
Baltimore County Public Schools, Students & Educators
Nominated by Kathleen Cecil

- The second graders of Middlesex Elementary School wrote and produced a play about saving trees. They also produced enviro-infomercials, which aired on their morning announcements. These ambitious second graders were encouraged to use critical and creative thinking through a recently revised Primary Talent Development curriculum entitled, “Branching Out with Trees.”

The students, along with the help of their teachers, Lynn Foertsch, Samantha Miller, Gerri Purkey, and Patricia Rock, sponsored a tree planting.

Pamela Mesta, Coordinator of ESOL Caroll County
Carroll County Public Schools; Educator
Nominated by MSDE

- Pamela Mesta earned the highest credential in the teaching profession from the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards in Early Childhood Generalist. Currently, Mesta works as the English for Speakers of Other Languages Coordinator (ESOL) for Carroll County Public Schools.

Jaime Jezovnik
Robert Moton Elementary School
Carroll County Public Schools; Educator
Nominated by MSDE

- Jaime Jezovnik received the highest credential in the teaching profession from the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards in Early Childhood through Young Adulthood/Exceptional Needs Specialist. She was recognized as Carroll County Teacher of the Year in 2003.

Dr. Penny J. Makuchal
Worchester County Public Schools; School Nurse
Nominated by Dr. Jane W. Pruitt, Worchester County Public Schools

- Penny J. Malcuchal successfully defended her dissertation proposal in the UMES PhD program of study on Organizational Leadership in December 2004. She will be awarded her doctorate in education in May 2005. In 2005, she was named USA Today Top Public School Teachers in America, Worchester County Woman of the Year, and also received the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore- Excellence in Education Grant. In 2004, she was named Maryland School Nurse of the Year and Finalist National School Nurse of the Year.

Drs. Sarah Haines and Robert Blake, Towson University
Nominated by Dr. Sarah Haines, Towson University

- Dr. Sarah Haines and Dr. Robert Blake received a grant from the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, which enabled them to incorporate Chesapeake Bay related issues into their classroom teaching. Their students were able to create a schoolyard habitat to alleviate some the water quality problems of the Bay.

Robert Gray
Baltimore County Public Schools, Teacher

Nominated by Dr. Sarah Haines, Towson University Professor of Biology

-Mr. Gray, an Essex Elementary School teacher, participated in a grant project with Towson University sponsored by the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration. After receiving professional development focused on the Chesapeake Bay watershed, Mr. Gray created a schoolyard project for his students to alleviate the problems associated with the Bay. His class created a rain garden to collect run-off before it enters a storm drain on the school playground.

Ms. Geraldine Duval
Montgomery County Public Schools, Teacher

Nominated by Hugo Jackson, Howard County, Teacher & Veronica Henderson, Baltimore County Teacher.

- Geraldine is a strong young educator and advocate for the Maryland State Teachers Association, whose life was forever changed after a tragic car accident that left her without her fiancée and with serious physical ailments. She has managed to overcome the physical emotional limitations resulting from the accident and returned to field of education in three short months.

Sharon Malec
Allegany County Public Schools, English Teacher

Nominated by Karen Devore, Coordinator of Acceleration & Enrichment, ACPS

- Through the Great Expectations Grant and dedication of this English teacher, ninth graders at Westmar High had the opportunity to attend a professional performance of “Frankenstein” at the Cumberland Theatre and a sit down brunch @ Allegany College Culinary Café. For many this was their first live professional performing arts experience.

Audrey Stickney
Baltimore County Public Schools, Gifted & Talented
Nominated by Jeanne Paynter, MSDE

-In her third year as a “Catalyst Resource Teacher” of gifted education at, Winfield Elementary, a Title I school, Audrey Stickney began her new job with others telling her “We don’t have any gifted children here.” Over the past 2 years, Audrey changed that deficit and mindset through her relentless pursuit of talent development among the children at Winfield. She conducted pull-out groups, teaching high-level reading, math, science, and social studies to students who others believed “couldn’t do it.” She held parent information meetings to educate parents to support their children and co-planned with other teachers to raise expectations for all students. As a result of her efforts, teachers now come to her with tales of “talent spotting” and students that they would like her to consider for the gifted program.

John Ceschini
Montgomery County Public Schools, Principal

Nominated by Ray Zeigler, Maryland State Department of Education

- John Ceschini is principal of Kensington Parkwood Elementary School, an arts integrated model school in Montgomery County. He was formerly principal of Rockledge Elementary School (Bowie, MD), a Maryland Blue Ribbon School that received national recognition for its fine arts program. Harvard University included Rockledge in its “Why Arts Survive” research and determined that its program is one of eight promising arts schools in the nation. The Rockledge Arts program received the 2002 Boyer Foundation Grant/Award for best practices. In 2000 Ceschini was one of four educators in the nation selected for the BRAVO Network 2000 National Arts Education award. In 1999, he received the Washington Post Outstanding Educational Leader award.

Michael Smith
Baltimore City Public Schools, Special Education Teacher

Nominated by Dionne A. Reed, Maryland State Department of Education

- An exceptional Special Education teacher at Lake Clifton High School. Mr. Smith is gifted in teaching special needs students the skills they need to function on their own as adults. His knowledge of the subject matter, patience, and genuine care for his students make him an effective and invaluable teacher in Baltimore City Schools.

Maria Lowry
Baltimore County Public Schools, Teacher

Nominated by T. Blair, Deep Creek Middle School Educator

- Maria Lowry created an atmosphere of positive learning at Deep Creek Middle School by bringing in technology and resources to expand the curriculum at her school. Her efforts to raise standards and expectations of all students and desire to increase achievement largely contributed to the school’s “magnet school” status in 2005.

Claudia Simmons
Montgomery County Public Schools, Educator

Nominated by Linda Zang, Maryland State Department of Education

- Claudia Simmons, MCPS Head Start Director, was active in an effort to improve the quality of the childcare programs in Montgomery County in coordination with the Department of Health and Human Services, Early Childhood Services and the Montgomery County Public Schools. Simmons was instrumental in this initiative to train and provide on going mentoring to childcare providers as a means of building capacity for the community-based programs serving low-income families.

Marquita Duvernay
Prince Georges County Public Schools, Educator

Nominated by Linda Zang, Maryland State Department of Education

- Marquita Duvernay, a PGPS Head Start Coordinator championed a successful partnership with the Prince Georges County Department of Health to increase the health utilization rates for Head Start children. Marquita was instrumental in establishing partnerships with Americorp and the Department of Mental Health and Hygiene that improve care to low-income children. She is also working with additional partners such as Bowie State University to address behavioral problems of children in Head Start to help them acquire social and emotional skills necessary to succeed in school.

Jillian Van Ells
Baltimore City Public Schools, Teacher

Nominated by Dr. Sarah Haines, Towson University

- Jillian was a participant in a grant project conducted by the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration. NOAA provided professional development for teachers that focused on the Chesapeake Bay watershed. The teachers applied what they had learned in the classroom, and at the end of the school year, each teacher assisted his or her classroom students in creating a schoolyard project that would serve to alleviate some of the problems associated with the Bay. Jillian’s class created a native plant garden to collect run-off before it enters a storm drain on the school playground.

Erin Bockstie
Baltimore County Public Schools, Special Education Teacher

Nominated by Stephanie Kirby, Baltimore County Public Schools

- Erin, a Special Education Teacher at Parkville High School, is highly motivated student whose initiative and desire to go beyond the norm including a commitment to the families of her students, make her a model for families with kids with special needs. She renews parents’ confidence in the public school system and meets the unique needs of her autistic students.

Dr. Francis “Skip” Fennell
McDaniel College, Professor

Nominated by Donna Watts, Maryland State Department of Education

-Dr. Fennell was recently elected as the President of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. For years Dr. Fennell has been committed to enhancing the knowledge of students and teachers about the best practices in mathematics, as chairperson of the Maryland Mathematics Commission.



Teachers of the Year 2004 - 2005

Teachers of the Year 2005 - 2006

Mariah Aichinger, Colleen Cornacchione, Margene Versace and Terri Etheridge

William Paca / Old Post Road Elementary School, Harford County Public Schools

Nominated by Eric Cromwell, Coordinator of Accelerated Learning Programs


-Thanks to the leadership of guidance counselors Ms. Aichinger, Ms. Cornacchione, Ms. Versace, and home visitor Ms. Etheridge, the William Paca/Old Post Road Elementary School had the distinction of being the only elementary school in Harford County to be honored with the Maryland Center for Character Education School of the Year Award, (September, 2004). The school was awarded this honor for implementing a systematic, school-wide approach to teaching and reinforcing elements of character such as respect, honesty, responsibility, perseverance and integrity.


Denise Webster

Art Teacher, Loch Raven High School, Baltimore County Public Schools

Nominated by Jacqueline Lamp, Principal, Loch Raven High School


-In April 2005, Loch Raven High School experienced a flood of major proportions causing extensive damage and resulting in the destruction of the Art Department’s fine arts studio and sculpture studio. It destroyed the work of the Advanced Placement students who were preparing for a May Advanced Placement test. Ms. Webster treated the students as survivors, not victims and taught her students that “we move on, life continues.” The students spent weekends and many long days into nights to prepare for the AP tests and in the end, 15 students went to the test and 15 students passed! “Denise Webster taught a powerful lesson and the beneficiaries were our community and students,” said Ms. Lamp, Principal, Loch Raven High School.


Barry Palmer

Physical Education Teacher, Stevens Forest Elementary School

Howard County Public Schools

Nominated by The Vaughn Family, Parents


-Every year Mr. Palmer directs the 4th and 5th grade play at Stevens Forest Elementary. He puts in countless hours and energy into ensuring that the play is a huge success –and it always is! In addition to this huge task and his full-time job as the Physical Education teacher at the school, he also directs the gymnastics team, the Tumbleweeds, who perform several times a year for the school. “Where he finds the energy, we don’t know but we speak for many parents when we say, we are lucky to have him at Stevens Forest Elementary School.”   


Dara Feldman

Kindergarten Teacher, Garrett Park Elementary School

Montgomery County Public Schools

Nominated by Maryland State Department of Education


-Garrett Park Elementary School kindergarten teacher, Ms. Feldman, was named Outstanding Elementary School Teacher at the annual Disney Teacher Awards. Each year, Disney honors 45 exceptional teachers selected from more than 50,000 nominees. Ms. Feldman was recognized for her “commitment to teaching results in a creative, high-tech kindergarten where children learn about the wonder – and sometimes the tragedy – of the world they live in.” Her classes communicate over the Internet with kindergarteners in other countries.


Gina Massella

Principal, Howard High School, Howard County Public Schools

Nominated by Jessica Pearsall, Howard County Public Schools


-Ms. Massella has worked tirelessly to improve student achievement, student morale, and the student’s environment at Howard High School. In July, 2004, she was appointed the school’s principal and while facing many unforeseen obstacles, she managed to create a very strong improved staff at Howard High, increased student achievement and spirit, created a new team structure for 9th graders to make the transition to high school smoother, improved inclusive education for students with disabilities and is working to return students with disabilities to Howard High rather than send them to other schools.


Paula Smith

Dropout Prevention Instructional Assistant, E. Russell Hicks Middle School

Washington County Public Schools

Nominated by Roger Stenersen, Washington County Public Schools


-In her role as a Dropout Prevention Instructional Assistant at E. Russell Hicks Middle School in Hagerstown, Ms. Smith monitors the attendance, academic performance, and behavior of students in sixth grade and she intervenes in cases where her students are not meeting with success. She works with students as a tutor, teacher, parent, and disciplinarian. Further, she helps parents to understand what is expected of students for them to be successful and how parents can make the key difference in their child’s life. Ms. Smith has also coordinated the Big Brothers / Big Sisters In-School Mentoring Program at her school. According to her colleague, “Paula has been an inspiration to many staff at E. Russell Hicks and has lit many sparks to help light the flame of school success.”


Craig Rollins

Teacher, Milford Mill Academy College of Excellence

Baltimore County Public Schools

  & the 9th Grade School of Transition and Leadership

Nominated by Gregory J. Pilewski, Milford Mill Academy College of Excellence


-Milford Mill Academy is in its second year of implementing a Freshman Academy. Mr. Rollins volunteered to lead the 9th Grade School of Transition and Leadership as an academy dean and social studies teacher. His enthusiasm for taking on dual roles has been a new experience for him, but his hard work is producing positive results and is having a tremendous impact on the Freshman Academy. Mr. Rollins organized a two-day summer professional development for his staff where they created a new vision and mission statement, a common set of academic and behavioral expectations and a set of common core values called “9 Steps to Freshman Success.”



Deborah Clark

Physical Education Teacher, Homestead-Wakefield Elementary School

Harford County Public Schools

Nominated by Maryland State Department of Education


-In October 2005, the Maryland Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance named Ms. Clark the Maryland State Elementary School Physical Education Teacher of the Year. It is the only award for physical education teachers offered by a statewide organization. Ms. Clark, who is in her 30th year of teaching, said she is still shocked by receiving this honor, adding, “it’s so wonderful to be rewarded for doing something you love.”


Diane Crumbacher

Art Teacher, Perry Hall Middle School, Baltimore County Public Schools

Nominated by Sandy McGuire, Perry Hall Middle School


-As part of the 7th grade art curriculum, students must complete a service project. Perry Hall Middle School’s Art Teacher, Ms. Crumbacher decided to have students make fleece blankets in art to send to victims of Hurricane Katrina. This project took off and became not only art classes, but also students staying after school. In addition, parents became involved as well as a local restaurant and trucking company, which shipped the blankets. Each blanket also had a book inside donated by students. In the end, 220 blankets were sent to the victims.


Juan Castro

Art Teacher, Towson High School, Baltimore County Public Schools

Nominated by James L. Tucker, Jr., Coordinator of Fine Arts

  Maryland State Department of Education


-Mr. Castro, a Towson High School Art Teacher, has been awarded the 2005 American Stars of Teaching Award. Only one teacher from each state receives this honor.  According to a colleague, “it is very significant for the arts education community that the 2005 recipient is an art teacher.” Mr. Castro is known as a phenomenal photography teacher where he has mentored several nationally recognized student artists, including a couple Presidential scholars in the arts. “He truly delivers excellence in the classroom.”


Sarah Welty

Agriculture Teacher, Walkersville High School, Frederick County Public Schools

Nominated by Maryland State Department of Education


-Walkersville High School’s Ms. Welty was named Maryland’s 2005 Outstanding Agricultural Educator at the 2005 Maryland Agricultural Teachers Conference. In her 15th year of teaching agriculture, Ms. Welty said she believes in developing a good rapport with her students and ensuring there is mutual respect in the classroom. In her class, students get lots of hands-on opportunities and she tries to present things in different ways to interest them in the subject.


Jill Coutts

Resource Teacher, Northwood High School, Montgomery County Public Schools

Nominated by Maryland State Department of Education

-Ms. Coutts, a Northwood High School resource teacher, has been recognized for her environment-friendly projects. At the 2006 Chesapeake Bay Trust Award ceremony, Ms. Coutts received a special recognition award for the school’s Green Roof Project, a 600-square-foot green roof – a relatively new storm water mitigation technique – installed last fall as a demonstration project, making it the first green roof on a Maryland school. In addition, a grant Ms. Coutts submitted for a school landscaping project won a $15,000 regional award from Best Buy, recognizing schools and teachers who are integrating interactive technology into the curriculum.

Alexander Jaffurs

Math Teacher, Patuxent High School, Calvert County Public Schools

Nominated by Maryland State Department of Education


-Since taking charge of Patuxent High School’s Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus program, Mr. Jaffurs has helped boost student scores on the AP test from 67 percent to 93 percent. Further, enrollment in the school’s AP Calculus program has increased from 23 students the year before Mr. Jaffurs joined the school to more than 100. Mr. Jaffurs organizes an annual summer institute for 8th graders; promotes staff development; encourages teachers to share successful strategies and provides extra instruction and encouragement for struggling 9th graders. This National Board Certified educator has been an integral force in his students’ academic success.


Kelly Smith

English Teacher, Dulaney High School, Baltimore County Public Schools

Nominated by Maryland State Department of Education


-Ms. Smith, a Dulaney High School English teacher, stimulates widespread excitement about reading by turning the entire school community into a book club. Through her “One Book, One Dulaney” program, students, parents and staff select a single book to read, which they discuss during after-school and evening book talks. Through her “Reader’s Theater” project, students come to understand literature through interpretation and performance, writing, acting and creating poster art for a variety of stories and plays. Further, she helped develop and co-chairs Students Organized for Academic Success (SOAR), a program that provides support and assistance to challenged students who have demonstrated potential for academic success. Thanks to Ms. Smith’s creative instruction and leadership, test scores have soared and so have students’ prospects for academic success beyond high school.


Fran Donaldson

Principal, Deep Run Elementary School, Howard County Public Schools

Nominated by Maryland State Department of Education


-In 2005, the Maryland Association of Elementary School Principals (MAESP) selected Ms. Donaldson as Elementary Principal of the Year. When Ms. Donaldson arrived at Deep Run Elementary School in 1998, she found an overcrowded Pre-K-5 school with social, emotional and academic problems that could not be adequately addressed with available resources. Taking action under a bold mission statement, “Success for all! Whatever it takes” she obtained a grant to hire an alternative education teacher to improve student behavior and make the school environment safer. She says, “I believe that by setting high expectations and standards, I have been able to effectively transform a low-performing school into a school where students achieve academically.”


Denise Hershberger

Principal, Stevensville Middle School, Queen Anne’s County Public Schools

Nominated by Maryland State Department of Education


-In 2005, the Maryland Association of Elementary School Principals (MAESP) selected Ms. Hershberger as Middle School Principal of the Year. In 1999, Ms. Hershberger accepted the challenge of becoming principal of the middle school to which her previous building was the only feeder school. At Stevensville Middle School, she’s made dramatic changes to improve the learning environment by creating a close-knit community of learners by rearranging the students into grade-level teams. This has resulted in soaring passing rates on state reading and math tests. She has also increased school wide communications and publications, doubling the amount of school information that parents receive.


Dr. Darlene A. Nobles

Assistant Principal, West Side Primary School, Wicomico County Public Schools

Nominated by Maryland State Department of Education


-In 2005, the Maryland Association of Elementary School Principals (MAESP) selected Dr. Nobles as Assistant Principal of the Year. Dr. Nobles wanted to share her early childhood generalist certification with the teachers of West Side Primary School. Further she worked closely with parents and taught a parenting course, “It all Begins with Us,” which she said had the most positive impact on the students of her school. In addition, she coordinated “Eating Health Every Day in the Mustang Café,” and wrote monthly articles in the school’s newspaper promoting more healthy eating habits and tied this to brain research and children’s school achievement.    


Gordon L. Sampson

Principal, Kent County High School, Kent County Public Schools

Nominated by Maryland State Department of Education


-In 2005, the Maryland Association of Secondary Principals (MASSP) selected Mr. Sampson as Principal of the Year. As the new principal at Kent County High School, Mr. Gordon Sampson was given just one charge, raise the academic standards and involve the community in the process. Under his leadership, school reform began by strengthening the curriculum offerings; courses were eliminated that were not academically challenging; steps were taking to require students to earn a given number of credits to move from one grade to the next; and, to earn a great number of credits for graduation than the state requirements. The concept of Career Pathways was introduced to get students on a possible career focus and the PTA increased membership and received a number of state awards.


Robert A. Motley

Assistant Principal, Centennial High School, Howard County Public Schools

Nominated by Maryland State Department of Education


- In 2005, the Maryland Association of Secondary Principals (MASSP) selected Mr. Motley as its 2006 Assistant Principal of the Year. As an assistant principal, Mr. Motley said, “the ability to collaborate with others is essential and is instrumental in the success or failure of any endeavor.” Mr. Motley made a master schedule by involving teachers, parents, guidance counselors, feeder schools and the community. He addressed parental concerns; school improvement; he set a personal goal of visiting three classrooms daily; and, he works closely with the Parents’ Council of Black Students.


Claudette A. Wellington

Art Teacher, Solley Elementary School, Anne Arundel County Public Schools

Nominated by Karen Broseker, Solley Elementary School


- Ms. Wellington orchestrated Solley Elementary School’s first school-wide “The Artist In All Of Us” exhibit to ensure “that every student be recognized as an artist.” It was a massive 12-month undertaking and the work of more than 550 students was unveiled at the 2005 exhibit. According to her colleagues, “Solley Elementary is fortunate to have such a dedicated educator as part of its teaching staff.”


Vicki Diamonte

Special Educator, Bohemia Manor High School, Cecil County Public Schools

Nominated by Denise Morgan, North East High School

  Cecil County Public Schools


- Ms. Diamonte led the special education department at North East High School for more than 10 years. Prior to that she was a classroom teacher. Ms. Diamonte was an integral part of the functioning of North East High Schools special education department. Without complaint, she put in long hours, including weekends and summer vacations, at the school to help students succeed. Ms. Diamonte has now returned to the classroom as a teacher at Bohemia Manor High School. Her former colleagues said, “her undying love for the students of our school system makes us proud to be her colleagues and friends.”


John Cornillon

English Teacher, Harbor City High School

Baltimore City Public Schools

Nominated by Maryland State Department of Education


-Mr. Cornillon is one of six teachers in the nation who has been awarded the first College Board Bob Costas Grants for the Teaching of Writing. He received a $2,000 grant for his methods to inspire students and develop their writing skills. The award was named in honor of Bob Costas, a broadcaster and author, for his work on behalf of the College Board’s National Commission on Writing. Mr. Cornillon was recognized for helping students develop an annual anthology of their writing. He wrote in his grant application, “The coping responses judged necessary to survive in harsh and murderous neighborhoods spawned by poverty and the legacy of racism have molded most of the students I teach. Many of my students have … armored themselves against a world that shows little concern for their feelings or well-being. My goal is to help students examine and refine the expression of the true voice that resonates behind the mask and beneath the armor.”


Martha (Missy) McLaughlin, Steve Bullock and Jeremy Wolfer

Special Education Teachers, Vocational Education Program for Disabled Youth at Wicomico High School, Wicomico County Public Schools

Nominated by Georgia Coffey (MSDE)


-Ms. McLaughlin, Mr. Bullock and Mr. Wolfer demonstrate tremendous PRIDE through their collaboration in providing a community-based vocational education program for special education students at Wicomico High School.

-                      Ms. Mclaughlin has been teaching at Wicomico High School for 13 years and has had her “Wi Hi Works” vocational program for six of those 13 years. Ninth-graders have a full school year of getting to know the program where they take numerous surveys to determine their interests, ability, and aptitude. In their sophomore and junior years they are able to intern at a place of their choice, two days a week for four hours. This allows the students to be able to make an informed choice in their senior year where they can obtain employment. Ms. McLaughlin says of her job, “it is a great way to earn a living – to help young people find a job and reach their transition goals.”

-                      Mr. Bullock has been the Transition Special Education Teacher since 1989 and is the originator and coordinator of the Vocational Program at Wicomico High School. The program now has three transition teams with a major focus of each team being the development of appropriate job skills whether that is at independent jobs in the community, work in a crew on campus, or work on pre-vocational skills within the classroom. He says, “The excellence of this program can be seen in the improved attitude toward work that is seen in every one of the students.”

-                      Mr. Wolfer conducts the Out Program in a co-teaching relationship with Mr. Bullock. The program provides services for students with disabilities in the mild to moderate mental retardation range. The program provides a combination of functional academics, daily living skills and job training. The functional academics concentrates on high interest low level readings, use of the newspaper, community based sight words and basic decoding/fluency skills.

These three educators continue to show their PRIDE each day as they continue to grow the Vocational Educational Program for Disabled Youth at Wicomico High School.


Patricia Keenan

South Carroll High School Carroll County Public Schools

Nominated by Cindy Creekmore, Carroll County Public Schools


-Ms. Keenan, in cooperation with South Carroll High School’s Modern and Classical Languages Program, coordinated the first American Field Service (AFS) International Weekend at South Carroll High School to give students an opportunity to host an exchange student for a weekend without the big commitment of hosting for a year. The 21 exchange students from AFS International took part in class activities and discussions, shared in a potluck dinner at the school and spent part of the weekend visiting Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and the National Aquarium with their weekend host families before returning to their long-term host families. AFS is designed to encourage students to make personal connections with people from cultures very different from their own. In conjunction with the AFS International Weekend, South Carroll named March “Unity Month.”


Denise Diegel

Westminster High School Carroll County Public Schools

Nominated by Cindy Creekmore, Carroll County Public Schools


-With the guidance and support of Ms. Diegel, nine students of French from Westminster High School participated in the first National Grand Concours held in the county in many years. The Grand Concours tests are developed annually by the American Association of Teachers of French as a motivational, extracurricular activity/contest for students of French. The Grand Concours is on the list of approved tests published by the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP). It is the first of many similar written exams that students will face and will be a precursor for some of the students to their AP exam in May. The Westminster High School students who participated in the Grand Concours include:


-                      John Banzwolek, Level 4 exam

-                      Jordan Campitelli, Level 4 exam

-                      Cynthia Slemaker, Level 4 exam

-                      Erin Renehan, Level 4 exam

-                      John White, Level 4 exam

-                      Catherine DaVizio, Level 3 exam

-                      Celia Kelly, Level 3 exam

-                      Lindsay Kundin, Level 2 exam

-                     Ashley Murphy, Level 1 exam



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