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MSDE Staff



Carole Abel

Executive Associate

Division of Career and College Readiness

Nominated by Katharine Oliver, DCCR


Carole AbelCarole Abel has been with the State since 1978, and she has served as the Executive Associate for the Division of Career and College Readiness for the past six years. Carole excels at customer service and provides exemplary support for the Immediate Office of the Assistant State Superintendent. Her knowledge and application of office technologies and substantial organizational skills permit the division to shine. Carole also provides leadership to the division's associate staff and conducts regular associate staff meetings. She led the development of a Division Procedures Manual that offers every associate easy access to division requirements and processes. Carole finds time to support DCCR's Program Managers with assignments whenever called upon. No task is too big or too small for Carole to address because she anticipates and resolves issues before they can become problems. The Division and the Department are fortunate to have Carole as a member of its staff.


George Albright III, M.D.

Chief Medical Advisor
Maryland Disability Determination Services (DDS)

Division of Rehabilitation Services, MSDE

Nominated by MSDE

George Albright III, M.D.The Social Security Administration (SSA) presented George Albright III, M.D., the Commissioner Citation for Excellence in Service – the highest award given by the SSA. The Maryland DDS provides an important public service to people in the State who oftentimes have very significant disabilities and resource needs while, at the same time, ensuring the fiscal integrity of the Social Security Trust Fund. Dr. Albright's leadership over the years has made certain that the medical records that accompany these claims receive accurate and thorough review. He is well-respected by medical and lay staff on both state and national levels.


Janet Bagsby

Branch Chief
Division of Accountability & Assessment

Nominated by Dr. Leslie Wilson, DAA


Janet BagsbyJanet Bagsby is an "Unsung Hero" within her division. Since 1993, with quiet competence, Janet has worked behind the scenes and now serves as Branch Chief to two offices - Planning and Assessment. Janet is the assessment guru and has managed MSA, HSA, Alt-HSA, etc. Not only is she responsible for implementing the current assessment program, Janet is also the representative on the Assessment Consortia to develop the next generation of assessments. In addition, she writes the assessment contracts for the division, manages the procurement and budget processes, and is the liaison who justifies all assessment and accountability expenditures. Janet's "can-do" attitude and her highly respected leadership, proves that she is not only invaluable to the division, but also to the overall success of the Department.


Diana Bailey

Correctional Education

Division of Career Technology and Adult Learning, MSDE

Nominated by MSDE

Diana BaileyDiana Bailey is the recipient of the DOWD Award for Outstanding Leadership in Offender Workforce Development. Diana has truly demonstrated leadership in creating and promoting innovative offender workforce development policy and practices in Maryland and on the national level. Her commitment to ensuring high quality services are available to offenders both inside and in the community as they endeavor to continue with positive changes as they assimilate back to their homes, families, and communities. She has advocated tirelessly for correctional education and re-entry programs with a broad range of state policy makers, legislators, and others resulting in the facilitation of creative partnerships to better address the needs of re-entry programs and the offenders and former offenders they serve.


Bonita Winchester-Bey

Early Learning Branch

Division of Early Childhood Development, MSDE

Nominated by Dr. Rolf Grafwallner, DECD


Bonita Winchester-BeyBonita Winchester-Bey consistently goes above and beyond her daily duties. Bonita has independently created a database for the MSDE Accreditation Project that tracks not only providers accredited through the state, but nationally as well. This database is also used by the program manager of research for different data studies. She is very passionate about ensuring that all programs that request validation visits receive them in a timely manner by working effortlessly to find validators to visit the programs. Bonita goes the extra mile even if it means staying late in the evenings or taking work home to finish. Due to her tireless work, the DECD has seen the numbers of accredited providers increase tremendously.


Chezia Quarterman Calloway

Education Program Specialist

Division of Certification & Accreditation

Nominated by Sarah Spross, DC&A


Chezia Quarterman CallowaySince joining the Department in 2008, Chezia Quarterman Calloway has gone above and beyond the duties as a Nonpublic School Approval Specialist in C&A. Without missing a beat in her regularly assigned responsibilities, she has served on a number of committees. Most recently, Chezia served as the Chair for the Maryland Charities Campaign, during which she not only lead the Department to surpass the $92,000 goal, but surpassed her own goal of raising more than $100,000 – this accomplishment was no small feat during these tough economic times. Her enthusiasm, creativity, and positive outlook, allowed the committee to develop and execute a variety of events to make donating fun. C&A is fortunate to have an individual as poised, professional, and competent as Chezia.


Nancy Carey


Division of Instruction

Nominated by Rebecca Bell, DOI


Nancy CareyNancy Carey, Coordinator of Professional Development, works with LEAs through the administration of Title II A&B federal grant programs. Nancy's visionary leadership provides a strong foundation for the continuing improvement of teacher professional development, while focusing on cutting edge technology and enhancement of opportunities for students in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) arena. A passionate supporter of teachers in the classroom, Nancy works at the state and national levels to provide life-long learning opportunities for our educators.


Anita Chambers

Staff Specialist

Nominated by Betsy Blair, DECD


Anita ChambersAnita Chambers is a source of "pride" for the Office of Child Care Subsidy and the Division of Early Childhood Development because of her overall approach and dedication to her work. Tasked with handling payment issues of formal and informal child care subsidy providers, she also analyzes a variety of matters to determine a fair solution. Anita consistently offers assistance to others, never complains, and embraces additional duties with eagerness and enthusiasm. She completes every task with a smile and still finds time to play a vital role on the social committee that was formed to boost the morale within the division.


Robert A. Cole

Instructional Technology & School Library Media Branch

Division of Instruction

Nominated by Jayne Moore, DOI

Robert ColeRobert (Bob) Cole is the recipient of the 2009 K-12 Distance Educator of the Year Award from the Maryland Distance Learning Association. As the administrator and dedicated staff member managing the Maryland Virtual School (MVS), which served nearly one thousand Maryland public school students across the state in 2007-2008, Bob understands the value of online courses for secondary students, shares that knowledge, and works tirelessly to help such courses become a reality for students statewide. His accomplishments include establishing online learning policies and vision for the MVS, and implementing and modeling these policies for local school system replication. Bob is a presence on the national level when discussions center on state virtual schools and online learning.

Dr. Annette Mallory Donawa
Student Assessment Services Branch
Division of Career and College Readiness, MSDE
Nominated by Katharine Oliver, DCCR

Dr. Annette Mallory DonawaDr. Annette Mallory Donawa, Program Supervisor in the Student Assessment Services Branch, supervises the five MSDE-recognized Career Technology Student Organizations (CTSOs). Annette's experience in education and industry spans more than 20 years. She has served in the higher education realm as an Associate Director of an Accrediting Commission and Deputy Director of a NASA-funded university research grant within the School of Engineering at Morgan State University (MSU). Her doctoral research supports MSDE's science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) initiatives. Annette's supervision and management style are embraced within the SAS Branch.


Mary Gable

Assistant State Superintendent

Division of Academic Policy

Nominated by MSDE


Mary GableMary Gable has been named a recipient of the Charles Mathias, Jr. Award for Innovation in State Public Service. The award was presented to Mary for her key leadership in managing the passage of legislation of the Interstate Compact for Educational Opportunity for Military Children that allows for a seamless transition of military children transferring to and from Maryland public schools associated with Maryland's Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC). The award also cited her work to increase the number of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), Advanced Placement, and International Baccalaureate Programs in Maryland.


Woodrow B. Grant, Jr.

Branch Chief

Equity Assurance and Compliance Branch, MSDE

Nominated by Renée Yarbough-Williams, Linda Shevitz, and Maggie Green, MSDE


Woodrow B. Grant, Jr.Woodrow (Woody) Grant, who has served more than three decades at MSDE, is an individual who holds true to his beliefs relating to human and civil rights from leading sit-ins as a college student to serving in the Peace Corps. Woody coordinates the "Education That Is Multicultural and Achievement" (ETMA) Network and is Co-Chair of the Ad-hoc Committee on African American Males. In addition, he is also an active member of the Achievement Initiative for Maryland's Minority Students Steering (AIMMS) Committee, which makes recommendations to MSDE in areas relating to achievement disparities between student groups. Woody has been honored by the Maryland Multicultural Coalition for outstanding contributions to multicultural education and recently received an award from the Maryland Association for Equal Employment Opportunity Personnel (MAEOP). Woody volunteers his time for the Boy Scouts of America, Citizens for Maryland Libraries Board of Directors, Harford County Public Library Board of Trustees, and Prisoner's Aid Association of Maryland, Inc. He is a mentor in the MSDE Lunch Buddies program, which mentors elementary grade boys in Baltimore City. He believes firmly that educators have what it takes to assure the achievement of all children and supports that belief daily providing a caring and nurturing atmosphere.


Donna Gunning

Staff Specialist

Division of Business Services

Nominated by Stephen Brooks, DBS


Donna GunningDonna Gunning has been a major force in Maryland education since 2001. Donna is the Department's American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) heroine. She has been instrumental in the development and coordination of MSDE's reporting processes for the federal stimulus grants now exceeding $1.5 billion. Donna played a paramount role in the coordination and finalization of the budget portion of Maryland's successful Race to the Top application, and she continues to be an important link between the U.S. Dept. of Education and MSDE. She provides instrumental support in the Department's Master Plan process, as well as coordination of the annual fiscal review portion. The Department has every reason to have extreme PRIDE in Donna and can be very thankful for her quality service and her dedication to its mission.


Claudette Harvey

Division of Special Education/Early Intervention Services, MSDE

Nominated by Dr. Carol Ann Heath, DSE/EIS


Claudette HarveyClaudette Harvey, Grants Coordinator of 10 years, has individually handled all of the grants for the Federal Part C-IDEA Stimulus Funds, in addition to her regular grants management responsibilities for the Infant & Toddlers and Preschool IDEA Programs. Claudette manages all of her responsibilities with true professionalism and a smile each and every day.



LeeAnn Hutchison

Environmental Education

Division of Instruction, MSDE

Nominated by Rebecca Bell, DOI


LeeAnn HutchisonLeeAnn Hutchison has been a major force in bringing Environmental Education to Maryland's Eastern Shore school districts. Through her position, LeeAnn has acted as a liaison between the school systems and community, non-profit and scientific organizations. Among her many accomplishments, she has instituted an internship program for 15 high school students to work with scientists at the Oxford Lab in Cambridge, MD to perform original research, and worked with Horn Point Lab in Cambridge to develop an outdoor experience for all Grade 7 students. LeeAnn's vision, commitment and energy have resulted in a profound change in educational opportunities for underserved students.


Janice Johnson

Branch Chief

Division of Accountability & Assessment

Nominated by Dr. Leslie Wilson, DAA


Janice JohnsonJanice Johnson has been serving MSDE well since 1978. Janice leads the Accountability Branch which evaluates programs, completes Managing For Results (MFR) data, provides data reporting for the Maryland Report Card and MDK12 websites, and keeps MSDE compliant with all state and federal (NCLB) reporting requirements. Janice maintains good working relationships with each school system, as well as multiple other stakeholders. This illustrates her commitment to MSDE and to continual improvement, even in times of limited resources and increased workload.


Eleanor Kopchick

Nonpublic School Approval Branch

Division of Certification and Accreditation, MSDE

Nominated by Dr. John Smeallie, OS


Eleanor KopchickEleanor Kopchick is the recipient of the 2009 Maryland Association of Nonpublic Special Education Facilities (MANSEF) Distinguished Citizen Award. This award is presented annually to a person or organization who has demonstrated vision, leadership for the highest quality of life for Maryland's special needs children, and recognition that these children can best be served by a continuum of services. Eleanor was recognized for her long-standing commitment and dedication to ensuring that the children served by the MANSEF schools receive the highest quality programming and care.


Marie DiPietro Lamb


Division of Student, Family and School Support

Nominated by Vanessa Diggs, DSFSS


Maria LambMaria Lamb began her career in the Kent County Public Schools System and was the 1994-1995 Kent County Teacher of the Year.  Maria's career path took her to Dorchester County Public Schools System, where she served as an assistant principal, elementary school facilitator, supervisor of federal programs and technology, and supervisor of instructional grants. In 2007, she came to MSDE from Dorchester County Public Schools, and is currently the Director of the Program Improvement and Family Support Branch, providing oversight to many federal and state programs. Most recently, Maria spearheaded the efforts to secure $47 million dollars to help Maryland students that need it most.


Sherea Makle

Resource Specialist

Division of Special Education/EIS

Nominated by Margaret Cellucci, DAP


Sherea MakleSherea Makle has been a willing and gracious member of the MSDE family since 2007. Sherea exudes the true meaning of "collaboration" as she continually finds herself assisting multiple divisions on numerous promotional materials. She willingly applies her natural gift as a graphic designer throughout the department to ensure MSDE has a consistent, professional look to its materials. Sherea approaches each project with strong understanding of its purpose and does so with a smile – while facing multiple deadlines. She is a pleasure to work with and demonstrates her commitment and dedication to Maryland's public education each day through her collaboration on a variety of design projects – a benefit to all of us.


Jerrianne McCain

Employment and Training Specialist

Office of Human Resources

Nominated by Angelic Paterniti, OHR


Jerrianne McCainJerrianne McCain has been in public service since 1978. For more than a decade, Jerrianne has been the embodiment of success and a role model for Maryland's students and future workforce as coordinator for the "Youth Works Program." The program provides young job seekers, ages 14 to 21, with a six-week position within an organization to further ready themselves to obtain knowledge and skills needed to enter in today's workforce while also stressing skill-sets and behaviors needed for pursuing post high school educational opportunities. She is an advocate for Maryland children and their fundamental civil right to a fulfilling education. Jerrianne has a pocket full of sunshine that she shares with each life she touches.


Jayne Moore

Director, Instructional Technology & School Library Media

Division of Instruction

Nominated by Dr. Colleen Seremet, DOI


Jayne MooreJayne Moore is the 2008 State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA) Leader of the Year. SETDA honored Ms. Moore citing her work to strengthen instructional technology throughout the State. Jayne, who has served as Director of Instructional Technology and School Library Media at MSDE since 2002, has been a strong advocate for improving student learning through the use of technology. Under her leadership, Maryland has seen its student to computer ratio improve from 16:1 to 3:1.


Katharine Oliver

Assistant State Superintendent

Division of Career and College Readiness, MSDE

Nominated by the entire staff of DCCR


Katharine OliverKatharine (Kathy) Oliver has been a trailblazer in promoting women's leadership at MSDE since 1973.  Kathy was the first woman to serve as the Director of Disability Determination Services at DORS. In 1989, she became the first female Assistant State Superintendent to lead the Division of Vocational-Technical Education. In addition, Kathy was recognized as one of Maryland's Top 100 Women in 2007. Her steady hand continues to lead, and she has demonstrated high integrity, exemplary leadership and ability, meriting great trust and respect from her colleagues.


M. Susan Oskin

Division of Career and College Readiness

Nominated by Dr. Lynne Gilli, DCCR


M. Susan OskinM. "Susan" Oskin was awarded the Master's of Science Degree in Community and Mental Health Counseling from McDaniel College. Susan has worked at the Department for 11 years – during her tenure, she has been a role model for team work and shared leadership. Susan co-led the implementation of Maryland's Career Development Standards and worked diligently to support the adoption of the standards into COMAR by the Maryland State Board of Education. She works collaboratively with staff in other divisions to ensure that career development standards are integrated in curriculum. Susan has willingly accepted additional assignments at MSDE, without hesitation, while completing her Master's Degree, which also included a rigorous internship working with a difficult client-base.


Marie Pennix

Executive Associate
Division of Student, Family and School Support

Nominated by Miriam Silverman, DSFSS


Marie PennixMarie Pennix has served the State of Maryland for over thirty-two years. Marie's attention to detail, administrative skills, and talents are exemplary. She is known throughout the department for her pleasant demeanor and her ability to "get the job done." Marie is a consummate professional. Her consistency and desire for excellence in her work is well-noted by all who have the pleasure of working with her. Marie is an asset to her colleagues, as well as a complement to the Department.


Jerry Price

Braille/Adaptive Technology Teacher

Nominated by Jill Lewis, LBPH


Jerry PriceJerry Price manages the statewide Braille collection and training and outreach for accessible technologies for blind or low vision clients of the library.  Jerry's patience, expertise, and warm personality drew students to him and word quickly spread in the blind community that LBPH offered unique classes that gave students the knowledge to use assistive technology on their own. Jerry's gift to library users is the gift of independence. Last year, Jerry taught 198 classes, and he works with students for as long as they need to master the software. Jerry organized the Technology User Group (TUG) which gives computer users a chance to network, hear speakers, and learn about new accessible technologies. The classes, volunteer training, and TUG, demonstrate Jerry's ability to go beyond his core job responsibilities to help LBPH clients achieve their goals.


Luke Rhine


Division of Career and College Readiness

Nominated by Lynne Gilli, DCCR


Luke RhineLuke Rhine is the recipient of the 2009 Outstanding Technology Education Alumnus Award—Emerging Leader. This award is indicative of the respect that he has garnered from his peers and colleagues. At MSDE, Luke has provided outstanding leadership in the implementation of Technology Education, Family and Consumer Sciences, and Financial Literacy Education. In addition, as a graduate of California University, Luke has developed a process to help new graduates obtain teaching positions in Maryland to aid the chronic shortage of Technology Education Teachers.


Nina Roa


Division of Career and College Readiness

Nominated by Dr. Lynne Gilli, DCCR


Nina RoaSince joining the Division of Career and College Readiness in 1994, Nina Roa's work has been exemplary. Nina has been the driving force behind the implementation and expansion of Maryland's Project Lead The Way (PLTW) Biomedical Sciences Program. She has led numerous on-site visits to certify local Biomedical Sciences Programs, enabling students who meet demanding standards to earn college credit from Stevenson University, PLTW Biomedical Sciences Affiliate. Nina also leads the CTE Library Project in cooperation with the Division of Library and Development Services. The partnership helps inform the public about the benefits of preparing for both college and careers through CTE programs. Nina co-led the design team that introduced cutting-edge revisions to regulations ensuring certification requirements are current with 21st century CTE programs of study. In December 2011, the State Board granted permission to publish revisions to CTE certification regulations. Nina's leadership will have a lasting impact on CTE teacher preparation throughout Maryland.

Walter Sallee

Coordinator, Comprehensive Planning

Division of Student, Family and School Support

Nominated by Vanessa Diggs, DSFSS

Walter SalleeWalter Sallee has served the State since 1992. His dedication and ability to positively influence youngsters labeled as "at-risk" earned him the prestigious honor of the "Teacher of the Year" for Baltimore City Public Schools in 1999. Since coming to MSDE, Walter has served as a specialist for the School Accountability Funding for Excellence (SAFE) and Bridge to Excellence (BTE) initiatives. Walter successfully co-chairs the African American Male Task Force, as well as serves on the IDEA/NCLB Task Force, Visionary Panel, and the MSDE Reginald F. Lewis Museum Education Task Force – to name just a few. Walter is commended for his work on the "Race to the Top" application, for which he spent countless hours on while never falling behind in his many other duties.


School and Community Nutrition Programs Branch

Division of Business Services, MSDE

Nominated by MSDE


MSDE's School and Community Nutrition Programs BranchMSDE's School and Community Nutrition Programs Branch Finance Team (Linda Worrell; Robert Wancowicz; Adrienne White, CPA; and Linda Johnson, not featured) is the recipient of the 2008 Mid-Atlantic Regional Office (MARO) Financial Management Award "FEMMY" by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). This award is given in recognition of their outstanding performance in the overall reporting of financial data throughout fiscal year 2008. This is the second time that MSDE's School and Community Nutrition Programs Branch has received this award – in 2005, the financial management team was also recognized for its exemplary work.


School Improvement Team Leaders

Division of Student, Family, and School Support

Nominated by Maria Lamb, DSFSS


Geri Taylor-Lawrence, Ernestine McKnight, Carol Hepler, and James NewkirkGeri Taylor-Lawrence, Ernestine McKnight, Carol Hepler, and James Newkirk are MSDE's School Improvement Team Leaders for the 2009 Title I 1003(g) Grant (SIG). They have been instrumental in the development of the protocol for the SIG that resulted in Maryland receiving $47 million to devote to the lowest performing schools in the State of Maryland. This lead SIG Team worked on short federal timelines to develop the application, review instruments, budget and accountability documents, and monitoring tools. The superior quality of their work has led other states to contact MSDE for guidance on effective monitoring protocols. The U.S. Department of Education selected Maryland to test its own monitoring protocol and commended Maryland for its SIG process. MSDE as well as Maryland students are privileged to have the devoted services of these four education leaders.

Melanie Schuhardt

Office Clerk

Division of Academic Policy

Nominated by Gail Tucker, DAP


Melanie SchuhardtMelanie Schuhardt has "Locks of Love" and a heart of gold. Children undergoing chemotherapy, suffering from alopecia areata, or recuperating from scalp burns, face multiple challenges, but not if Melanie can help it.  Melanie has donated 11" inches of her mane to help children combat low self-esteem and poor self-image from losing their hair. Her "Locks of Love" hair donation will be turned into a natural-looking wig for a child in need. Not only does Melanie make a difference in our lives – now every time she looks in the mirror, she will know that she has made a "real" difference in the life of a sick child. The Division of Academic Policy is so very proud of her!


Jilda Scott


Nominated by Dr. Darla Strouse, OS

Jilda ScottWith more than 14 years as lead secretary to the Office of Partnerships & Recognition, Jilda Scott has contributed immeasurably to the duties associated with her office. Her calm and quiet persona has been effective in handling numerous critical issues and programs – from scheduling judging panels to ensuring the timely production and delivery of over 500 Governor's proclamations; citations to Maryland Blue Ribbon Schools; Milken Award recipients; and Teachers of the Year plaques. Never shaken, Jilda addresses a myriad of calls from local school systems, teachers, and citizens across the State while exhibiting a caring manner and a sincere interest in assisting. She has helped the Office of Partnerships & Recognition move from good-to-great!

Barbara Smooth

Employee Relations Specialist

Office of Human Resources

Nominated by Heidi Toll, OHR


Barbara SmoothBarbara Smooth, Employee Relations Specialist, began her State career in 1980. She has had many roles at the Department – from timekeeper and leave coordinator to Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) liaison – and has performed them well. Barbara is the epitome of a great State employee. She treats all employees with cheerful respect and helpfulness. She always shows compassion to FMLA applicants, listens to their health concerns, and guides them through the process. Barbara is very knowledgeable in the Employee Relations arena. Not only does she serve the State, Barbara volunteers and cooks at Kingsway Baptist Church, and sings in the church choir. Barbara is living proof that valuable employees come in many grade levels.


Dixie Stack

Director of Curriculum

Division of Instruction

Nominated by Dr. Colleen Seremet, DOI


Dixie StackDixie Stack has been a major force in Maryland education. Under her leadership, the first Maryland State Curriculum, initially known as the Voluntary State Curriculum (VSC), was developed in reading/English language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, fine arts, health, and physical education. Because her deep knowledge of curriculum is coupled with practical experience in instruction, Dixie has assisted with charter school application, master plan, and state-aided institution program reviews. Dixie's career began as a classroom teacher for students with special needs. In her work as Director of Curriculum for the past seven years, she has earned the respect of her colleagues throughout the Department, as well as across Maryland's 24 local school districts. It is for her overall dedication to serving Maryland students and teachers that we honor her with Maryland PRIDE.


Kausar Syed


Nominated by Robert Crawford, DBS


Kausar SyedKausar Syed has been a major force in Maryland education since 2008. Kausar joined the department as an Accounting Manager from the private sector. Her responsibilities include Payroll, Inventory Management, Grant oversight, as well as drawing federal funds from Division expenditures. The State of Maryland, in accepting the Federal American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds, assigned the responsibility of requesting these funds for all state agencies to MSDE. Kausar eagerly accepted the additional responsibility of ensuring that the agencies expended these funds for her to draw and transfer to appropriate agencies. She is not only an asset to DBS, but also to the Department as well.


James Tucker

Fine Arts Coordinator

Nominated by Mary Cary, DOI

James "Jay" Tucker is being hailed as a brilliant and sensitive artist and arts educator, who has dedicated more than 30 years at MSDE by serving Maryland's arts educators, local system initiatives, and the students in Maryland public schools. Jay has commanded the respect and admiration of the field of arts education across the State. Over the years, Maryland has gained a reputation for being a leader in arts education – Jay's leadership is at the core of this distinction. He is the recipient of an Honorary Doctorate in Fine Arts from the Maryland Institute College of Art. The Department is proud of the work, the professionalism, and the leadership that he provides in arts education every day.


Joshua Walley


Nominated by Cindy Schaefer, DAP


Joshua WalleyJoshua Walley has served MSDE since 2002 as the Department's webmaster extraordinaire. He is instrumental in the development, coordination, and maintenance of the MSDE website – meaning his outstanding talent touches everyone within the department. Joshua plays a key role in the timely dissemination of information to constituents on education initiatives, programs, and events through press releases, media advisories, and website banners. Joshua serves each and every colleague, no matter the hierarchy, with a smile and prides himself on accomplishing things near perfect. He is a remarkable man with renowned technology skills and vast knowledge of all things electronic. No one can dispute that Joshua's attention to detail, mild demeanor, and strong professionalism are exemplary and worthy of emulation.


Robin Wefelmeyer

Management Associate

Nominated by Dr. Lynne Gilli, DCCR


Robin WefelmeyerRobin Wefelmeyer is the lead associate in the CTE Instructional Branch. Not only is Robin a dependable professional who takes pride in her work, but she also demonstrates a high degree of competence which she brings to her work on a daily basis.  She manages the work of several staff members in an effective and efficient manner. Robin works independently on complex assignments and takes initiative to help simplify work processes. Also, she provides exemplary leadership and support to the staff in handling meeting logistics; excels at managing financial data; and actively pursues further education and participates in special training sessions. The level of quality of her work is unsurpassed – Robin's interpersonal and customer service skills truly set her apart.


Deneice Yarborough

Management Associate

Office of Superintendent

Nominated by Renee Spence, OS


Deneice YarboroughDeneice Yarborough began her career at MSDE in 1980 and has been hailed as an outstanding public servant and exemplary state employee - not for any one particular achievement, but for her many accomplishments. Deneice single handedly operates the Annapolis Office – managing all MSDE legislative priorities and going above the call of duty on any given day. Her eagerness to assist and willingness to help resolve any issue makes her an outstanding role model for many to emulate. Deneice is an MSDE success story and truly represents the department in a positive fashion. She is, with-out a doubt, truly a "pride and joy" to work with each and every day.




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