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D-Day Teaching Guide

D-Day Letter

Video:  Comcast D-Day Documentary

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October 17, 2005

Dear Social Studies Department Chair:

As you know finding appropriate and rewarding resources for students can be a challenging experience. The Maryland State Department of Education, along with classroom teachers and museum educators, joined together to develop Lessons Learned: A Maryland Teacher’s Guide to D-Day—a resource kit to support your study of World War II and D-Day. The resource kit includes a teacher’s guide, lesson seeds, primary sources on a CD-ROM, and a DVD of the documentary, In Their Own Words: Maryland Veterans of D-Day, which was coordinated by the Maryland Department of Veteran’s Affairs and produced by Comcast.

Each lesson seed developed has accompanying primary sources, whether it be a photograph, private letter or a map, reflecting a meaningful part of Maryland and United States history. Few resources provide educators with an opportunity to use primary documents from Maryland history along with activities.

The resource kit is also Web accessible at marylandpublicschools.org, under the Teachers and Principals Icon at the bottom of our front page.

You may find this resource kit particularly timely to tie in with celebrations of Veteran’s Day in November. I hope you have a successful and rewarding experience using this resource kit in your schools. If you have questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me at (410) 767-0519 or email: mthoma@msde.state.md.us.


Marcie Taylor-Thoma

Coordinator of Social Studies


Lesson Seed 01: History of the Blue and Gray
Lesson Seed 02: Perspective of the Engineers
Lesson Seed 03: French Gratitude and Perspective
Lesson Seed 04: Introduction to D-Day
Lesson Seed 05: A Different Perspective on Invasion of Normandy
Lesson Seed 06: African Americans at Normandy
Lesson Seed 07: Women in D-Day
Lesson Seed 08: Personal Quotes
Lesson Seed 09: Impact of D-Day
Lesson Seed 10: Impact on the Home Front
Lesson Seed 11: The Plan for D-Day

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