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Provider Information

Provider Information


IMPORTANT!  Fax your Child Care Subsidy invoices to: 443-957-2641.  Starting August 1, 2010, that will be the only working fax number for the Maryland Child Care Subsidy Payment Processing (MDCCSSP) unit.


NOTE:  Changes have come to Child Care Subsidy (CCS) Invoice Processing!

Effective April 12, 2010, the Local Departments of Social Services (LDSSes) and the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services (MCDHHS) are no longer processing child care subsidy invoices.  All subsidy invoices are now being processed by a centralized payment processing unit.  Please click here for details about this change.

Maryland Child Care Subsidy Payment Processing Information

Provider Subsidy Payment Brochure

CCS Provider Information

Provider Information

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CCS Provider FAQ's

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