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State Interagency Coordinating Council

SICC Membership List
Rev. 8/31/15


Karen Larenas, Vice Chair
Howard County

Curtisha Hopkins
Anne Arundel County

Miji Kim
Howard County

Dr. Abila Tazanu-Legall
Prince George's County

Elizabeth Snyder
St. Mary's County


Natasha Ramberg,
Montgomery County Infants and Toddlers Program

Dr. Brenda Hussey-Gardner, Chair
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
University of Maryland School of Medicine (Erin Simmons, Proxy)

Dr. Mary Leppert, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Karen Mull, Special Needs Program Coordinator
Maryland Family Network

Cynthia Bouchard, Program Manager, Preschool Special Education
Anne Arundel County Public Schools


Marcella E. Franczkowski
, Assistant State Superintendent
Division of Special Education/Early Intervention Services
Maryland State Department of Education (Nancy Vorobey, Proxy)

Mary LaCasse, Chief of Home Visiting
Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH)

Margaret "Mike" Berman, Chief, Office of Health Services
Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH)

Nancy Egan, Esq., Assistant Director of Government Relations
Maryland Insurance Administration (MIA)

Elizabeth Kelley, Director, Office of Child Care
Maryland State Department of Education

Valerie Ashton-Thomas, Coordinator, Homeless Education and Neglected
and Delinquent Programs
Maryland State Department of Education

Shannon McRae, Policy Analyst
Department of Human Resources (DHR)


Laura Barbee-Mathews
, Program Supervisor
Prince George's County Head Start Center


Cecilia Leger, Early Intervention and Education Program Quality Specialist Johns Hopkins University, Center for Technology in Education (CTE)





Rachel London, Esq., Director
Maryland Developmental Disabilities Council

Contact Information
Sherea Makle, Resource Specialist
Maryland State Department of Education
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