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Step 3

Step 3:  Specify the content, learning activities, and follow up necessary to ensure implementation and use of new knowledge and skills


            In this section of your plan you will describe the three core components of the design:  the content of the professional development, the initial presentation and communication of the content to participants, and follow up.  The key will be to ensure that these components are consistent with the outcomes you expect to achieve.  For example, if the intended outcomes include implementation of a new elementary reading program to improve reading comprehension, your plan could highlight the introduction of the key features of the new program and opportunities for participants to see and understand actual classroom applications.  In addition, the initial learning opportunities could include participants practicing the applications in simulated classroom situations or with their own students.  Subsequent follow up could include additional information about the new program or strategies and ongoing opportunities for practice and feedback on mastery.


Planning Tip 6:  Consider developing a management plan to guide implementation of the activity that you are planning.


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