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School Health Services Guidelines


Table of Contents

January 2016



Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome/HIV Infection
(Revised 2002)


Asthma, Management of Students with Asthma in School (Revised 2013)


Anaphylaxis Management - Sample Protocol for Unknown History (2013)


Anaphylaxis, Management of Students at Risk for  (Revised 2009)


Anaphylaxis, Management of a Student with an Unknown History (New 2003)




Bloodborne Pathogens Control (Revised 2007)




CNA Training Program Outline  (Revised 2014)


Chain of Survival, Emergency Preparedness (New 2003, Pending Revision)


Communicable Diseases, Management of  (New 2002)




Delegation of Nursing Functions (New 2006)


Dental Resource Guide (Separate Document) (Revised 2003)


Diabetes Mellitus in Schools, Management of the Student with (Revised 2006)


Do Not Resuscitate - Model Policy (Revised 2006)


Documentation of School Health Records (Revised 2006)




Emergency Care Guidelines 2nd Edition (updated 2015)


Emergency Care Guidelines 2nd Edition  (spine for the binder)


Emergency Planning for School Nurses, Model Policy (New 2006)




Health Suites (See School Health Services:

A Facility and Design Guide for School Systems) (New 2002)


Hemophilia (New 2007)


Hearing and Vision Screening Manual Under Revision 2014-2015




Laws That Impact School Health Services Programs (New 2004)

(separate document)




Medication in Schools, Administration of (Reference Update 2015)





Nursing Appraisal/Assessment of Students with (New 2002)




Oxygen Dependent Student, Management of the (New 2002)





Private Duty Nurses (New 2003)




Records, Retention of School Health (New 2006)


Role of the School Nurse in Implementing 504 and Individualized Education Program Plans (New 2007)


Role of the School Health Services Staff in Schools (Revised 2006)




School Health Services: A Facility and Design Guide (New 2002)

(separate document)


Sun Safety (Revised 2007)




Vision and Hearing Screening Manual Under Revision 2010-2011 


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Alicia Mezu, Health Services Specialist
Maryland State Department of Education
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Phone:  410-767-0353
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