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Talented Teacher Referral Form

Talented Teacher Referral Form

You can let us know about a talented teacher who is deserving of recognition. Please fill out the form below (print or type) and send it to the address at the bottom of the page. Your answers to the questions should include specific information or examples. We suggest a minimum of 5 sentences per question. Feel free to use additional sheets of paper as needed.

Your Name: ____________________________________________________

Contact Telephone Number: _______________________________________

Email Address: _________________________________________________

Teacher's Name: ________________________________________________

School System: _________________________________________________

School: _______________________________________________________

Subject and Grade Taught: _______________________________________

Total years teaching: ____________________________________________

Number of years at current school: _________________________________

1. Why is this teacher outstanding? Please cite specific reasons and explain.
    You can include a story of character, passion, will, etc.

2. How does this teacher demonstrate leadership or model excellence?

3. Please tell us about how the teacher extends his or her talents beyond
    the classroom. (For example, the teacher's influence in the community
    or special abilities in reaching out to parents.)

4. Please include any previous recognition or honors given to this teacher.
    Please note that we are also looking for "Unsung Heroes" so don't
    hesitate to submit information on non-recognized teachers as well.

Talented Teacher Referral Form  -  PDF

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