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How Will the HSA Affect Me?  Information for students

Maryland High School Assessments & Your Child
This parent publication covers basic HSA information and state graduation requirements. Foreign Translations are available.

State Board of Education Resolution  This resolution charges a state task force to investigate alternative, comparable methods of measuring student achievement in HSA-tested subjects.

HSA Questions and Answers  This Q&A was drafted in response to questions from educators and policymakers.

For Administrators: What to Look for in High School Classroom Instruction

High School Assessments: A Conversation With Maryland 2003 Teacher of the Year Darren Hornbeck A video from MSDE-TV

High School Improvement Update
The HSI Update is a newsletter for principals on high school improvement in Maryland. It covers in detail the latest information on the Maryland High School Assessments. Middle and high schools will receive enough copies to distribute to all professional staff.
October 2003 edition (ARCHIVED--NO LONGER CURRENT)
November 2002 edition (ARCHIVED--NO LONGER CURRENT)
August 2001 edition (ARCHIVED--NO LONGER CURRENT)

Letter to Parents Explaining Students' 2003
This letter to parents was designed to accompany a student's HSA scores. It is a local school system's choice whether to use this template or its own template to explain HSA scores.
2003 High School Assessment Scores Letter

Letter to Parents Regarding Maryland Functional Testing Program (ARCHIVED--NO LONGER CURRENT)
This October 2003 letter to parents explains why the Maryland Functional Testing Program is being discontinued and what this means for Maryland students.
October 2003 Letter to Parents/Fact Sheet in English or click here for foreign-language translations

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