Pupil Transportation/Emergency Management

The Office of Pupil Transportation/Emergency Management is responsible for developing and implementing statewide policies, procedures, and plans related to all aspects of transporting students to and from public schools as provided by State and federal laws and the bylaws of the State Board of Education. The responsibilities also include providing technical assistance for training school bus drivers; coordinating activities with the Motor Vehicle Administration; researching and developing data concerning finance and legislation; and maintaining databases for school bus driver offenses related to drugs and alcohol, and school bus driver accidents.

Strengthening School Bus Safety

Maryland school bus drivers saw a drop in 'stop arm' violations this past year -- a promising sign drivers are paying more attention to the loading and unloading of students. But drivers say there's still a long way to go, as the news highlights National School Bus Safety Week October 16-20, 2017.

2019 Maryland State Department of Education One Day Survey of School Bus Stop Arm Violators

Students walking away from school bus

Contact Information

Gabriel Rose, Director
Pupil Transportation/Emergency Management Office
Phone: 410-767-0209
Fax: 410-333-2232
Email: gabriel.rose1@maryland.gov

Patricia Askew, Staff Specialist
Pupil Transportation/Emergency Management Office
Phone: 410-767-0217
Fax: 410-333-2232
Email: patricia.askew@maryland.gov