Maryland College and Career Readiness Standards for Reading and Writing in History/Social Studies

​Literacy development is essential for students to access and understand disciplinary content and must be a shared responsibility across all daily instruction when and where appropriate.

Middle School

High School

Lesson Plans

Lessons have been aligned with the College and Career-Ready Standards.

Top 10 Things Parents Need To Know about the Common Core State Standards. Full text follows.
Graphic courtesy of Harford County Public Schools

Top 10 Things Parents Need to Know about Common Core State Standards

  1. The goal of the MCCRS is college and workforce readiness for all students.
  2. The MCCRS creates consistent learning goals for all students regardless of where they live or go to school.
  3. States led the effort to develop the MCCRS, not the federal government.
  4. The MCCRS are aligned to college and workplace expectations.
  5. The MCCRS are not a curriculum and do tell teachers how to teach.
  6. The MCCRS are benchmarked against academic standards from the world's top-performing countries.
  7. Better standards call for better assessments.
  8. The MCCRS call for changes in learning for ELA and mathematics.
  9. The MCCRS focus on 21st century skills.
  10. The MCCRS delve deeper into core concepts.