Public Library and State Networking Branch (PLSNB)

The Branch provides leadership and technical assistance to improve library services statewide through funding and a variety of initiatives.

History of PLSNB
The State Library Commission was created in 1902. Commission responsibilities for public library development were assigned to the Office of Public Libraries under the State Board of Education in 1935, and to the Division of Library Extension from 1947 to 1971. Within the Division of Library Development and Services, the Public Libraries Branch was formed in 1971 and renamed the Public Libraries and State Networking Branch in 1988.

PRIMO Robots Pilot - SPARK!

The Division of Library Development won a Spark! Ignition grant from IMLS for a project designed to teach basic computer programming skills to pre-literate early learners. We are in the process of devising a curriculum and evaluation strategy for the public PRIMO robot programs that will take place in Calvert, Baltimore City, and Harford County public libraries in 2016.​

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