Common Core Resources Guide
General Information

Maryland Classroom on Common Core and PARCC
(May 2013 issue)

This edition of Maryland Classroom, a publication from the Maryland State Department of Education, specifically addresses the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and Maryland’s new State curriculum aligned to the standards as well as the new, next generation assessments.


The Common Core State Standards

This document explains the development of the CCSS and the major shifts involved in English/language arts (ELA), literacy, and mathematics education. This two-page document gives readers a sense of how the new standards prepare students for college and career readiness by the time they graduate from high school.


Frequently Asked Questions

This document answers the most frequently asked questions regarding the CCSS.


Myths and Facts

Many myths have been circling about the CCSS. This Myth vs. Fact handout addresses these myths and provides factual information regarding the development, implementation, and content of the standards.


Maryland’s College and Career Ready Commitment

Achieve examines Maryland’s college and career ready commitment from multiple perspectives. Maryland is raising the bar to help more students gain a post-secondary education so they are prepared to excel in high-skilled, high-paying jobs and thrive in their future careers.


Why College and Career Ready Standards?

This document explains the reasoning behind the shift to college and career ready standards. They explain why these standards are a necessary improvement and briefly elaborate upon how the standards will prepare each student.


Common Core Shifts for ELA and Mathematics

This concise handout explains the overall shifts in the ELA and mathematics standards called for by the CCSS.


The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC)

This document provides a variety of resources from the official PARCC Web site to help parents and educators understand the new assessments and how they are well suited to assess students taught by the Common Core State Standards.


Smart Phone Applications and UDL

This resource page points to two smart phone applications that provide useful resources about the Common Core State Standards. The Universal Design for Learning (UDL) resources explain UDL’s goals and methods of use to expand learning opportunities.



The Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Assessments

Available in both English and Spanish, this two-page summary aims to help stakeholders better understand Maryland’s transition to Common Core and how it will affect teaching in the classroom and student assessments.

English - Spanish


The Role of Language Literacy in College and Career Ready Standards

The Alliance for Excellent Education has released information on how to improve English Language Learners’ language and content learning alongside the implementation of the CCSS.


Students with Disabilities & the Common Core State Standards: Resources

This document provides a comprehensive list of materials and resources, developed nationally, related to the CCSS and students with disabilities.


Military Child Education Coalition, K-12 Core Curriculum Standards

The Military Child Education Coalition provides parents and students with an in-depth picture of how Common Core will help keep their children on track throughout their relocation process. The publication addresses widespread concerns and includes testimonies from military families regarding their thoughts about how the Common Core will affect families like their own.


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Common Core State Standards