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The Family Child Care Provider Grant Program

The Family Child Care Provider Grant Program exists to help registered family child care providers offset some of the costs of opening their child care programs. Eligibility is based upon certain income levels and family size. An applicant's annual income must not exceed 60% of Maryland's current State Median Income (SMI) for the applicant's family size.  Click 
here for a chart showing 60% of Maryland's current SMI.

The Provider Grant Program reimburses up to $500 in expenses that a provider incurs in order to achieve or maintain compliance with family child care regulations. Reimbursement is made in the form of a grant award.

To receive an award, a provider must file a written application with the OCC Regional Licensing Office that issued the provider's registration certificate. Please note: All Provider Grant program application packets must include a Verification Form, which can only be completed and signed by a representative from the Regional Licensing Office. Otherwise, the application will be returned. Grant awards are made on a one-time basis. Examples of program expenses that are eligible for reimbursement include: 

  • Safety supplies
  • Staff medical examination fees
  • Criminal background check fees
  • Small household repairs in approved child care areas
  • Approved child care training course fees
  • Most expenses related to local water, sewer, fire, and health requirements
  • Most program materials and equipment
  • Many other costs identified as necessary for completion of the registration process

The Provider Grant Program is operated in accordance with regulations set forth at COMAR 13A.14.07. These regulations specify eligibility requirements, application procedures, and the method by which awards are made.

The following documents are available on-line. Prospective applicants should download, read and understand all the program documents before completing an application form.

To obtain:

  •  An application form, click here.
  •  Application instructions, click here.
  •  A list of approved items for reimbursement, click here.
  • A list of non-approved items for reimbursement, click here.

To obtain additional information about the Provider Grant Program and a signed Verification Form, please call the Regional Licensing Office in your area.

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