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2014 - 2015
Maggie Hawk
Milken Family Foundation Trustee Lori Milken (left) and Milken Family Foundation Co-Founder Mike Milken traveled to Frederick, Maryland, to recognize Maryland’s newest MVP teacher, Maggie Hawk (center).
Yellow Springs Elementary School
Frederick County Public School​

As a first-grade teacher, Maggie Hawk combines the use of data, technology and collaborative teaching, combined with an unflagging work ethic and a commitment, to connect with each student. Students with academic or behavioral difficulties routinely blossom in her class, and all of her students exceed the high expectations set for them. Maggie is a model teacher and her students want to emulate her. In addition, she encourages them to applaud the efforts of their fellow students. Teaching life's lessons is second nature to this dedicated teacher.

Dr. Darla Strouse

Dr. Darla Strouse
Executive Director
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