Milken National Educator Award Program

Thomas Dennison

2016 - 2017 

Havre de Grace Elementary School

 Harford County Public School

In Thomas Dennison's class at Havre de Grace Elementary School, students learn to tap into their most powerful resource: their imaginations. They learn about the Revolutionary War by reenacting the battle of Lexington and Concord with water balloons in the school's backyard. It's not uncommon to find Dennison's fifth-graders outside learning about rockets or collaborating with other classes for massive math-oriented scavenger hunts. Inside the classroom, Dennison has high expectations for both learning and conduct. Students greet visitors at the door with a handshake. Small groups debate and analyze the day's reading while others solve problems on chalkboard-covered tabletops, as Dennison floats among groups as a facilitator.

Dr. Darla Strouse 
Executive Director
Office of Partnership Development 

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