Milken National Educator Award Program

Allison Felton
2017 - 2018 

Annapolis High School
Anne Arundel County Public School

At Annapolis High School (AHS), students know that Allison Felton will do whatever it takes to help them succeed in math. Felton was hand-picked to work with ninth-graders on the Early Warning Indicator list, who struggle with attendance, behavior and grades. Despite their struggles in other classes at the high-needs, highly-diverse school, they all thrived in and passed Felton's Algebra I class. Even students who lack confidence in their math skills say they know they will succeed with Felton as their teacher. Felton has written Algebra I curriculum used throughout the district and helped schedule review sessions at AHS for PARCC assessments and AP tests. She acts as the backup department chair when needed, mentors pre-service teachers, and was one of two classroom teachers asked to participate in structured walk-throughs as part of the principal's rating process. 

Dr. Darla Strouse 
Executive Director
Office of Partnership Development
& Recognition

Governor, State Superintendent Honor Annapolis High School Teacher
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