Maryland State Plan

​Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Improvement Act of 2006 (20 USC 2301 et.seq.)
The Purpose
Perkins IV Law

Maryland State Plan

State Plan Appendices
(Please Note: links to many appendices have been updated or removed. If you would like a copy of an appendix as it was submitted in 2007, please contact the CTE office in care

A. The Maryland Educational Technology Plan for the New Millennium 2007-2012
B.   Policies & Procedures for the Development and Continuous Improvement of Career and   Technology Education Programs 2012 (3/13)
C. Maryland Career Clusters: Restructuring Learning for Student Achievement in a   Technologically Advanced, Global Society
D.   Maryland Career Cluster Frameworks:  CTE Pathway Program Development &     Implementation
E. Maryland Career Development Framework

 Public Hearing Notices 
 Staff Response

G. Listing of Members of State Workgroup
H. Special Populations - Resource/Activity Lists 
I.  CTE Monitoring Protocol - Secondary
J.  CTE Monitoring Protocol - Postsecondary

  Local Plan Application Template - Secondary
       - Instructions
       - Evaluation 
       - Submission Requirements
       - Amendment Process
       - Glossary
  Reporting Documents
       - Interim
       - Final

L.  Local Plan Application Template - Postsecondary
       - Instructions
       - Evaluation
       - Submission Requirements
       - Amendment Process
       - Glossary
  Reporting Documents
       - Budget
       - Annual Financial Report
M.  Request for Proposals
N. Cooperative Agreement Intra-Agency Special Populations
O. Cooperative Agreement Interagency Special Populations
P.  Organizational Chart for MSDE
Q.  Organizational Chart for DCTAL (now DCCR)
R.  Local Recipient Formula Calculations
S.  Maryland State Board of Education Agenda and Minutes 3/26/08 and Submission Letter to the   Maryland Office Planning