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Excellence and Equity in Education Information and Documents

This section features information and documents developed by the NE3 related to the implementation of the Maryland Education That Is Multicultural Regulation. Documents include a summary of the ETM Regulation, general information about ETMA, listings of multicultural resources, protocols checklists to use in evaluating school system and local school ETMA implementation, summaries of local and state course guidelines, and a comprehensive guide with recommended ETMA competencies for students, parents, teachers, and administrators. To access these documents, click on the links below.

ETMA Professional Development Competencies
Summary of ETM Regulations
About Education That Is Multicultural and Achievement
ETMA Fact Sheet
ETMA Course
ETMA Local Courses
ETMA School System Protocol
ETMA School Protocol
A Practical Guide to Accelerating Student Achievement Across Cultures
Facilitator’s Manual for "A Practical Guide"
Power Point Presentation for Use of "A Practical Guide"
Instructional Resources Evaluation Guidelines
ETMA Websites
Connections Resources Directory | ETMA Resources


Mary Howlett-Brandon, Specialist
Equity and Cultural Proficiency
Division of Standards, Research, Assessment & Accountability
Maryland State Department of Education
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