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​MC3 at Chesapeake Public Charter!

June 26 - 29

Courses Offered

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Arts Education Instrumental Music

Arts Education Vocal Music

Arts Education Visual Art

Arts Integration Dance

Arts Integration Visual Art

Arts Education Leadership

Arts Education Instructional Coach

Arts Integration Instructional Coach

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Daily Agendas

Arts Education Pathway (1).jpgArts Education Pathway

Arts Integration for Arts Educators Pathway (1).jpgArts Integration for Arts Educators

Arts Integration for Classroom Teachers Pathway (1).jpgArts Integration for Classroom Teachers

Arts Education Leadership Pathway (1).jpgArts Education Leadership Pathway

Upon Arrival Each Day…

You must sign-in and sign-out each day. (Continuing Professional Development and Graduate credit hours are awarded based upon hours worked. You must arrive on time and remain for the entire day, each day of the Institute to receive credit hours. There are no exceptions to this rule because of state mandates.)

You will be supplied with a journal for the week.  Please also bring an electronic device (laptop, tablet) for use throughout the week.

Please dress in non-restrictive clothing and sneakers.  You will need to be physically comfortable and able to move in different settings throughout the day.

Lunch is not provided and there is no time to leave the MC3 site to purchase food (water and fruit will be provided throughout the day), so please bring any food and snacks necessary to get you through the day.

The Vision for Professional Development Overview:

        The new Maryland Centers for Creative Classrooms (MC3) is envisioned as an ongoing professional development opportunity for educators across the state who will attend 34 hours of professional development during the summer (4 days) and 11 hours of professional development during the school year (2 evenings) at one of four regional.

Participants are:

●     Encouraged to (re)discover who they are as creative human beings;

●     Provided ongoing opportunities to explore and reflect on the value of creativity and aesthetic ways of knowing in 21st century classrooms;

●     Engaged in the creation of artistic products to deepen knowledge and skills in the arts;

●     Supported to develop as innovative classroom instructors who demonstrate imagination, flexibility, and artistry in their practice; and

●     Partnered with artists, teaching artists, and colleagues to develop authentic arts-based lessons focused on the needs of diverse learners.

MSDE Key Definitions:

Arts Education is discipline-specific teaching and learning, using the creative process to inspire products based upon selected concepts while emphasizing technical proficiency.

Arts Integration is a collaborative process of implementing artistic techniques, literacies, and habits across multiple disciplines to investigate authentic problems, deepen conceptual understandings, and elevate the role of creativity and artistry in teaching and learning

Address: 20945 Great Mills Rd # A, Lexington Park, MD 20653

Parking: Chesapeake Public Charter parking lot

Map of the Building

Schedules with Room Numbers:

Arts Integration

Arts Education 

Arts Education Leadership

School Year Dates: (Also held at Chesapeake Public Charter) October 2nd and January 3rd, 5pm until 9pm   Snow date: February 28

CPD or Graduate Credits?

MSDE will grant 3 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits for participants who complete the entire MCCC experience. All MCCC participants are required to attend the 4-day institute (summer), 2 follow-up sessions during the school year (4-hours each), and upload a completed e-portfolio. Tardiness, absence or early exit on any day may result in the loss of CPD credit. Creative and collaborative environments require the highest level of professional interaction. Disruptive behavior, of any type, is not acceptable. MCCC participants may elect to receive 3 graduate credit, for additional tuition, from the University of Maryland by completing additional course requirements.  Further information on receiving graduate credit can be found here: Graduate Credit Information. Please reach out to Margaret Walker mwalker8@umd.edu   for questions or concerns on receiving graduate credits.

For any questions or concerns, please contact:

Logistics: Emily Cory, Fine Arts Office Project Consultant, MSDE


Curriculum and instruction: Linda Krakaur, Curriculum Coordinator