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Juvenile Services Education System utilizes PowerSchool as our Student Information System (SIS). PowerSchool covers administrative needs, such as scheduling, attendance, state compliance reporting, data management, registration, student records, transcripts, faculty management, and much more. PowerSchool empowers teachers and administrators to use real-time data insights and analytics to adjust instruction from the student to the school level. Teachers can pinpoint growth by using real-time data to adjust instruction for students, building student engagement, and driving growth.

PowerTeach Pro

The 21st-century gradebook PowerTeacher Pro seamlessly manages multiple tasks in the classroom including grading, attendance, assignments, and measuring student achievement. All student data is readily available for Juvenile Services Education teachers and administrators to easily measure performance for the individual student, the whole class, and across multiple sections. Teachers can instantly compare lesson plans with class progress to adjust instruction and assessment as necessary while stimulating student growth.


PowerSchool’s robust reporting allows the Juvenile Services Education System schools to monitor operations and use insights to drive student growth and empower teachers. Our administrators can take confidence in our state compliance reports, knowing they are backed by PowerSchool and a team of experts.

Contact Information

Shawn Rushing
School Performance Manager

Andria Keller
IT Functional Analyst