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The Juvenile Services Education System (JSES) Library Services is emerging to offer more digital resource and learning options to our staff and students, including research databases, Nooks, dedicated library space in our larger schools, and in schools where space is limited, creative use of classroom and small office areas. There are school librarians on staff at two of our schools— Charles H. Hickey, Jr. School and the Cheltenham Youth Detention Facility. The librarians look for opportunities to extend and enhance content-area curriculum by collaborating with classroom instructors as well as offering library time to students on a weekly basis. During this time students may self-select recreational reading material. Nooks have been distributed to schools for recreational reading options in the absence of dedicated librarians. We are expanding the Nook project to provide more devices to these schools with additional content. JSES is committed to Prisoners Right to Read principles based on and created by the American Library Association (ALA), a statement that concludes:

When free people, through judicial procedure, segregate some of their own, they incur the responsibility to provide humane treatment and essential rights. Among these is the right to read. The right to choose what to read is deeply important, and the suppression of ideas is fatal to a democratic society. The denial of the right to read, to write, and to think—to intellectual freedom—diminishes the human spirit of those segregated from society. Those who cherish their full freedom and rights should work to guarantee that the right to intellectual freedom is extended to all incarcerated individuals.