Noureen A. Badwi

Noureen A. BadwiNoureen Badwi is a student at Towson High School where she is a Law and Public Policy Magnet student and brings a wealth of experience in youth policy and the advancement of the student voice.

Originally born in Cairo, Egypt as the daughter of two professors, from a young age Ms. Badwi became inspired to find her voice as a student and soon became passionate about education being the great equalizer where every student is afforded equitable opportunities to a world-class education.

In 2016, Ms. Badwi became actively involved in her Student Government Association at Dumbarton Middle School (DMS) in Baltimore County and was selected to serve as the first Student Liaison to the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) Board after advocating for the creation of that role. It was her involvement on the DMS PTSA Board, Baltimore County Parent Teacher Association (PTA) general body meetings, and events of the Maryland PTA, where Ms. Badwi first became inspired by the impact of the student voice and the importance of students being given a voice and a vote at the table.

In Ms. Badwi’s final year of middle school, she became first introduced to the Baltimore County Student Council (BCSC) and the Maryland Association of Student Councils (MASC) and quickly became very involved in both organizations. In her freshman year of high school, Ms. Badwi served as one of the four elected officers of BCSC as the Public Relations Director in addition to being the youngest Chief of Staff in MASC's history, a position that typically was afforded to upperclassmen. In her sophomore year, Ms. Badwi was appointed by the President of the Senate to serve on the Maryland Youth Advisory Council, an organization created by legislative statute and under the Governor’s Office for Children, and was later elected by the council to serve as the Vice-Chairwoman. Continuing her involvement in student council that same year, Ms. Badwi was also appointed to serve as the State Legislative Affairs Coordinator for MASC where she worked closely with the State Legislature to represent MASC’s legislative stances.

As a result of Ms. Badwi’s involvement in youth policy and the many diverse students she has met from every corner of our state along the way, she became increasingly passionate and inspired about one day pursuing the position of Student Member for the Maryland State Board of Education since she was first introduced to the role in middle school. She is incredibly honored and excited to advocate for the diverse 890,000+ students of our state in our pursuit of a world-class education that works for all of us.

Ms. Badwi aspires to become a federal prosecutor and later continue her passion for public service as an elected official. Ms. Badwi resides in Towson Maryland with her Mother and twin Brother.