Therese E. Gittens

Therese E. Gittens
Grade 2
Lexington Park Elementary School
St. Mary’s County

Therese E. Gittens, a graduate of California State University, Sacramento, received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Child Development and a Masters of Arts Degree in Teaching and Learning with a focus in Elementary Mathematics from NOVA Southeastern University. Mrs. Gittens has been an educator for eleven years and has worked in California as well as Maryland. During her time at Lexington Park Elementary, she has served as the Treasurer of the PTA, Primary Grade Level Chair, Mentor Teacher, member Superintendentís Blue Ribbon Task Force for eliminating the achievement gap, and has led workshops for parents, as well as her fellow teachers. She also donates her time tutoring students in reading. Mrs.Gittens believes strongly that every child deserves a quality and equitable education.

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