Student Data Governance Workgroup

The MSDE established the Student Data Governance Workgroup as a result of theStudent Data Governancebill (RS 2018, HB 568). The Student Data Governance Workgroup brings together staff from all of Maryland’s local school systems to identify best practices, provide technical assistance and support, and sustain this work.

The MSDE, in consultation with the Department of Information Technology, and the local school systems collaborate to provide guidance on best practices in three areas:
  1. Data Governance,
  2. Transparency, and
  3. Professional Development.
The Workgroup typically meets twice a year. Meetings of the Workgroup are open to designees and invited guests.

Student Data Governance Reports

Chapter 381 of 2018 required the Maryland State Department of Education to submit to the Governor and the Maryland General Assembly on or before July 1, 2019 and July 1, 2020, reports on the status of the implementation of the requirements of the Student Data Governance bill (RS 2018, HB 568). 


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