Career Technology Education Program of Studies


Students in this course use the Maryland career development framework to explore potential career areas through the process of self-awareness, career awareness, career exploration, and setting academic and career-related goals. Course content will integrate the development of competency in business writing, as well as, the Skills for Success (communication, learning, interpersonal, technology, and critical thinking). Students will be introduced to basic concepts of financial literacy to help them manage their personal finances. Students will also have the opportunity to earn a certification in National Retail Federation (NRF) and Financial Literacy.


Technology Literacy courses expose students to the communication, transportation, energy, production, green technology, and integrated technology systems and processes that affect their lives. The study of these processes enables students to better understand technological systems and their applications and uses. Students will also have the opportunity to earn certifications in Introduction to Telecommunications, Mission Breakout, Connect to Business, and Green Technology Systems.

Construction Core

The Foundations of Building and Construction course is the Core Curriculum of the Construction and Development Cluster. The NCCER Core Curriculum is taught within this course and is bases for all construction skills. NCCER strongly recommends that trainees successfully complete the Core Curriculum before advancing to Level One of their chosen field. Students will also have the opportunity to earn certifications in Construction Core and in OSHA 10.

Principles of Business Administration and Management

This course provides a foundational understanding of the role of business in a global society, American business as a dynamic process, forms of business ownership, management concepts, marketing, production and distribution, and accounting and finance. Technology will be used throughout this course and students will be able to develop a range of skills covering levels from elementary use to programming and advanced problem solving. Within this course, students will use the IC (Internet and Computer Core Certification) to learn and earn certification. Students' understanding of the business world and computer knowledge gained in this course will help to prepare them to meet their career and college goals and objectives.

JSE CTE Certifications


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