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Maryland EdCast

A podcast hosted by the Maryland State Department of Education

On Maryland EdCast, State Superintendent Mohammed Choudhury discusses education priorities, and practices with a wide range of Marylanders. Superintendent Choudhury is laser-focused on transformational education research and best practices to ensure all Maryland students realize their full potential.

Season 1 Episodes

Episode 1 - Kindergarten Readiness: A Conversation with Snow Hill Elementary

On the inaugural episode of Maryland EdCast, Superintendent Choudhury talks with Snow Hill Elementary School staff about how their school outperformed the state average in Kindergarten Readiness. Tune in to hear their stories and learn about the implications for education priorities, policies, and practices.

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podcast episode 2

Episode 2 - The Science of Reading: A Conversation with Beaver Run Elementary

Superintendent Choudhury talks with educators from Beaver Run Elementary School in Wicomico County about their experiences learning about and integrating Science of Reading strategies into their instructional practice. Tune in to learn more about the science of reading from a practitioner’s perspective and how impactful practices can be scaled at the policy level.

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podcast episode 3

Episode 3 - Dual Language Programs: A Conversation with Cesar Chavez Dual Spanish Immersion School

Superintendent Choudhury talks with students, families, and school staff from Cesar Chavez Dual Spanish Immersion School about how their school integrates two-way language immersion programs. Listen to the conversation to hear first-hand experiences, high-quality practices related to dual language immersion, and implications for policy in Maryland.

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podcast episode 4

Episode 4 - Flexible Scheduling: A Conversation with TranZed Academy for Working Students (TAWS)

On the season finale of Maryland EdCast, Superintendent Choudhury talks with students and program staff from the TranZed Academy for Working Students (TAWS) about flexible scheduling and working while in high school. Listen to this episode to hear students’ stories, successes, challenges and effective supports as they balance school and employment.

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