Career and Technical Education Programs of Study

Career and Technical Education (CTE) pairs academic knowledge with technical skills to prepare students for in-demand, high-skilled, and high-waged jobs. CTE programs of study provide the opportunity for students to earn industry-recognized certificates, acquire college credit, and gain work experience.

Local school systems and postsecondary institutions have the option to implement a state program of study or a local program of study that has been approved by the Division of Career and College Readiness. Resources are available to local directors of CTE to support local program development that fits workforce needs.


Marquita Friday, Director of Career Programs

Dr. Nicassia Belton, Director of Data and Accountability for Career Programs

Nina Roa, Director of Finance and Legislation for Career Programs

Tiara Booker-Dwyer
Assistant State Superintendent
Division of Career and College Readiness
Phone: 410-767-3676
Fax: 410-333-2099