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Maryland Charter Schools

Charter Schools

Maryland charter schools are public schools operated by an independent nonprofit organization.  The charter is awarded by the local board of education, and grants the school more operational autonomy than non-charter public schools.  Public charter schools are tuition-free and open to all students. The Maryland State Department of Education provides support and guidance to local school systems engaged in authorizing public charter schools, and to charter school operators.

Maryland Charter Schools


Resources for Local School Systems and Charter School Operators

Reports & Publications

2015 Report on Maryland Charter Schools by University of Baltimore

Study of Funding Provided to Public Schools and Public Charter Schools In Maryland, December 2016


Carol Beck
Office of School Innovations
Maryland State Department of Education
200 West Baltimore Street
Baltimore, MD 21201-2595
410-767-3678 Office


Technical Assistance for Maryland Charter Schools and Charter School Developers

The Maryland State Department of Education seeks a contractor to provide technical assistance to developers and operators of of public charter schools.

Request for Proposals 

Responses are due on September 10, 2018.

Meeting for potential bidders will be held August 16, 2018.


The Maryland Charter Schools Program Grants Page will be updated with information about the grant program. Also follow @MSDE_Charter for updates and announcements about the grant program. 

Law & Policy


State Board of Education Decisions

United States Department of Education

Contacts for Local School Systems