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Environmental Education

Kids are looking at the grasses. 

​The purpose of Maryland's Environmental Education program is to enable students to make decisions and take actions that create and maintain an optimal relationship between themselves and the environment, and to preserve and protect the unique natural resources of Maryland, particularly those of the Chesapeake Bay and its watershed.


Bay Backpack

Children in Nature

Maryland Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education (MAEOE)

Chesapeake Bay Trust

North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE)

LEA Environmental Literacy Point-of-Contacts

Environmental Literary Feature Topics
World Future Council Silver Award 2015
Maryland was recognized for becoming the first to require students to be environmentally literate as a high school graduation requirement.

Watershed Protection
Watershed Report Card
Students from Howard County high schools spent a year collecting and analyzing samples from watershed areas near their schools and throughout Howard County, and their research is the foundation of a published watershed report card for the region.

Explore and Restore Maryland Streams (DNR)
A sustained program of study that starts in the classroom and includes hands-on, outdoor investigations also helps meet STEM goals and Next Generation Science Standards, and offers opportunities to integrate environmental learning with multiple disciplines.

LEA E-Lit Program Highlights

Improving School Grounds

Schoolyard Habitats
(US Fish & Wildlife Service)
The Schoolyard Habitat program helps teachers and students create wildlife habitat on school grounds. Habitat is the collective term for the food, water, shelter and nursery areas that all wildlife needs to survive. The loss of habitat is one of the greatest threats facing wildlife today.

School Grounds for Learning
This project provides professional development opportunities and comprehensive online resources featuring detailed information and instructions to enable students, teachers, administrators & school facilities personnel to effectively plan, utilize and sustain a vast variety of environmental projects on school grounds.

Chesapeake Bay Stewardship

Chesapeake Bay Program
Science. Restoration. Partnership.
The Chesapeake Bay Program is a unique regional partnership that brings together leaders and experts from a vast range of agencies and organizations.

Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement
This plan for collaboration across the Bay’s political boundaries establishes goals and outcomes for the restoration of the Bay, its tributaries and the lands that surround them.

Environmental Literacy Goal
Enable students in the region to graduate with the knowledge and skills to act responsibly to protect and restore their local watershed.

Education Workgroup
The Education Workgroup provides a forum for cross-jurisdictional coordination and support on all aspects of environmental education.