​​​​​Instructional Assessment, Professional Learning, Title IIA

Resources to Support Teacher Induction Programs

Bright Morning offers free tools that support the work of Elena Aguilar. They are particularly focused on her books The Art of Coaching, The Art of Coaching Teams, Coaching for Equity, and Onward: Cultivating Emotional Resilience. These tools include resources for planning and reflection, observation and conversation, equity, resilience, and many more.

The Instructional Coaching Group, founded by Jim Knight, has as its mission: Every student receiving excellent instruction, every day, in every classroom. Professional learning for and in support of instructional coaches is at the center of their work. Resources include complementary enrichment tools for Jim Knight’s books, videos, coaching toolkits, presentations, and research articles. 

Founded by teachers in 1998, New Teacher Center supports teacher and leadership development with evidence-based programs that create optimal learning environments and promote the success of every learner. The Toolbox for Mentors and Coaches includes resources on differentiated coaching, mentor language, mentoring for equity, feedback, and more. 

To request a copy of the Toolbox, please contact Jen Wojcik at jennifer.wojcik@maryland.gov


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