About the Maryland State Department of Education

Equity and excellence for every Maryland child, especially those who have been historically underserved.

At MSDE, we are a dedicated team of educators, specialists, administrators, communicators, and collaborators—fused together by a single vision: to provide each of our learners with a strong foundation for their future.

Our mission to ensure a bright future for every student requires us to be bold with urgency. We are seizing this once-in-generation opportunity to transform Maryland education to ensure that every Maryland student has access to excellent and equitable educational opportunities to realize their full potential. MSDE is implementing the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future, a once-in-a-generation opportunity, that provides the policy and investment needed to realize our mission. Through a new multi-year strategic plan, the State Board of Education and MSDE will anchor the Blueprint and operationalize best-in-class practices with the full participation of all stakeholders. Learn more about the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future.

We see:

  • Inspired students empowered to dream, make, and do.
  • Educators sparking the innate human desire that each of us possesses—nurturing the creative, problem-solving curiosity that we believe every individual has at birth.
  • Access and opportunity granted to every student from birth to age 21—regardless of learning abilities, zip code, or background.
  • Innovation and technology advancing understanding, facilitating collaboration, and providing hands-on expertise.
  • Cross-sector collaboration between government, business, community and education — resulting in true workforce preparedness like never before.

We will achieve our goals by:

Seeking and listening to input from our students, educators, parents, and community — and having those insights inform our strategies on an ongoing basis.


Collaborating with legislators and government agencies to craft effective solutions that align with state and national initiatives.


Broadening our reach through partnerships with other Maryland organizations also serving educators and learners.


Championing technology and innovation — staying abreast of new trends and themes happening across the globe — and integrating practices that facilitate learning in bold, effective ways.