Maryland Comprehensive Assessment Program (MCAP) American Government


American Government

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American Government is an end-of-course exam.

About the Test

The MCAP American Government assessment is an end of course test.

The American Government test consists of Selected Response (SR), Constructed Response (CR), and Technology Enhanced (TE) items. The CR items require students to write rather than select an appropriate response.

The assessment meets the testing requirements for Maryland high school graduation as well as the high school testing requirements for state law.

Standards Being Assessed

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  • MSDE Public Release Site

    This site provides access to released questions from former MCAP tests. MCAP released questions are representative of the content and skills included on the MCAP and are provided to help students recognize the nature and format of the questions.

​2018 Sample Item

2021 Sample Item

2022 Sample Item


The following rubrics will be used to score constructed response items on the MCAP American Government.

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