Advisory Council on Health & Physical Education

The Advisory Council on Health and Physical Education was created under the Gwendolyn Britt Student Health and Fitness Act (Chapter 623, Acts of 2009).

The Council aims to identify promising health and physical education practices, build a professional network to strengthen partnerships, and expand the successful health education and physical education programs in Maryland’s public schools by providing guidance, support, and advice to the Maryland State Department of Education.

Members serve a one-year term and are selected by their respected organization. From among their members, the council elects co-chairs that serve a two-year term. The chairs are:

  • Christiana Walsh, Anne Arundel County Public Schools ('22-'24)
  • Carly Colman, Talbot County Public Schools ('23-25)
The Council’s goals for SY22-23 include:

  • Expanding membership and representative participation in regions like the Eastern Shore and Western Maryland that have historically been underrepresented and have inexperienced health and physical education leaders.
  • Providing talking points and advice to local education agency (LEA) leaders on how best to respond to constituents and special interest groups on controversies surrounding health education. 
  • Developing an action plan to expand the number of health education teacher education pathways.
  • Providing networking opportunities and support for LEAs as they begin to implement their new and revised high school health education course(s).


Jason Semanoff
Director of Comprehensive Health and Physical Education
Office: (410) 767-0327



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