​​​​​Instructional Assessment, Professional Learning, Title IIA

Teacher Leadership

Teacher leaders are professional change agents who formally and informally influence schools at the classroom level through collaborative leadership. The teacher leader is a catalyst for sustained transformative educator practice resulting in equitable student learning. The Office of Professional Learning aims to recognize and support teacher leadership as a means to extend the reach of highly effective teachers to impact the teaching profession, students, and communities. For skilled classroom educators to hone their craft, mentor others, and grow professionally, local school systems must create pathways for teacher leadership and differentiate between the skills and training needed by teacher leaders and those needed by administrators. The resources and opportunities found on this website are meant to serve as supports for local school systems in their endeavors to develop and leverage teacher leaders.

Annual Summit

The Maryland Teacher Leadership Summit is a two-day summit designed to promote and develop teacher-led initiatives across the state. Modeled after the successful National Teach to Lead Summit, the Maryland event:
  • Spotlights and supports a selective group of teacher-led initiatives across Maryland;
  • Provides teacher-led teams hands-on training to refine their program models, identify supports, and communicate their initiatives to key stakeholders; and
  • Promotes teacher leadership among key local systems level stakeholders including superintendents, principals and national and local partners engaged to advise and support teacher-led teams to refine innovative proposals.


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