How to Apply: Non-Teaching Degree Holders

If you have earned a baccalaureate or higher degree in a non-education area and are interested in becoming a teacher, you have three options: 
  1. ​Complete a Maryland Approved Program leading to certification in the specific area in which you are interested
  2. Complete an alternative preparation program
  3. Complete the transcript analysis requirements (i.e., credit count) outlined in COMAR 13A.12.02**
To request a transcript analysis, register your account in The Educator Application and Certification Hub (TEACH) and select the link "I know I do not qualify but would like to request a review of my credentials." Be prepared to submit the following:
  • Qualifying scores on a Basic Skills test (or a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 on the most recently earned degree) and Praxis Subject Assessment (content only) or ACTFL​ assessments.  Additional tests may be required for full professional certification but are not needed for an initial evaluation. NOTE- those individuals applying for an evaluation in the area of Elementary Education 1-6 do NOT need to present the Praxis content assessment to request a transcript analysis. 
  • Official transcript(s), which must show the degree and date of conferral, if applicable. Transcripts must be submitted in one of the following ways:
    • Ordered from Parchment, which will be sent directly to TEACH; or
    • Electronically sent to directly from an alternative e-transcript service; or
    • Mailed to the MSDE office of certification directly from the Institution of Higher Education or in a sealed student mailer; or
    • Sent directly to your employer if you are under contract with a Maryland local school district or state-operated school.  

Note- Transcript analysis is not available for Middle School certification.

You may track your request status in TEACH.  If you are employed with a Maryland local school district, a nonpublic special education program, or a state-operated school, please work directly with your employer if you have questions about the application process.