Office of Communications and Community Engagement

Community Engagement

Prioritizing new and underrepresented voices.

The community engagement team is striving to build a deeper understanding of diverse stakeholder experiences from across the state to guide planning and decision-making at MSDE. The Office of Communications and Community Engagement will accomplish this by engaging historically underrepresented groups and strengthening existing partnerships.

Strategic Plan Engagement

Engagement is currently focused on gaining input on the State Board of Education and MSDE’s Strategic Plan. We will continue to engage in deep listening with stakeholders and thoughtfully analyze and apply feedback to the strategic planning process by:

Hosting and attending a variety of engagement opportunities

Roundtable events and listening sessions are prioritized as an effective and meaningful method for the State Board, the Superintendent and MSDE community engagement team to engage thoughtfully with specific groups. Attending Maryland community events, both in person and virtually, are also important outlets for MSDE to have more intimate conversations with a specific student or community groups.

Closing the feedback loop

Going back to participants to communicate what we heard and communicating to Maryland communities that their voice has been heard is an important part of gaining input.

We need to hear from:

Educators, School Staff and Leaders
Business Leaders
Higher Education Communities

​Community-Based Service Providers
Policy Makers
Community Members and Organizations
School District Staff

We are Engaging our Communities!

Do not miss out on our next engagement opportunity. We have ongoing engagement events with our students, teachers, school communities, school/community leaders, business leaders, student groups and underrepresented groups. Join us and view engagement events live stream or come see us on-site at a community event. Check out our social media accounts to stay in the loop on upcoming events.

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Have an idea for community engagement?

Do you have ideas for community engagement with MSDE? Share your ideas about engagement and invite us to meetings, events and other community engagement opportunities.