Supervisors of Instruction, Assistant Principals, and Principals

Please be prepared to submit documentation verifying that you qualify for one of the options below:

Administrator I 

This license qualifies an individual to be assigned as a supervisor of instruction or assistant principal.

(1) Master's, or higher degree;
(2) 27 months of satisfactory teaching performance or satisfactory performance on a professional certificate or satisfactory performance as a certified specialist
(3) One of the following:
(a) A Maryland-approved program leading to Administrator certification
(b) An out of state program that leads to certification as a supervisor of instruction, assistant principal, or principal in the state where it is located.
(c) 18 semester hours of graduate course work taken at the post-baccalaureate level to include a balance of content in the following categories:
(i) Curriculum, instruction, and assessment;
(ii) Development, observation, and evaluation of staff;
(iii) Legal issues and ethical decision-making;
(iv) School leadership, management and administration; and
(v) Practicum, internship, or a collaboratively designed and supervised experience by the local school system and college/university to include the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders with verification of this experience submitted by the applicant.
(4) Three semester hours or State-approved Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credit in special education coursework.

Administrator II 

This license qualifies an individual to be assigned as a school principal.

Option I: 

(1) Complete the requirements for Administrator I; and
(2) Present evidence of a qualifying score on the School Leaders Licensure Assessment.

Option II: 

A principal who enters Maryland from another state may qualify by presenting a professional out-of-state certificate/license in the area of Principal or comparable area, and verification of at least 27 months of satisfactory performance as a principal during the past 7 years.