Fine Arts Initiative Grant FY 2025


The Fine Arts Initiative Program was established in Fiscal Year 2000 by the Maryland General Assembly for all local education agencies (LEAs) and is aligned with the Maryland State Standards for Fine Arts for grades prekindergarten-12. The Fine Arts Initiative Grant funding supplements LEA funding and enables all students to achieve or exceed state standards in the arts (defined as dance, media arts, music, theater, and visual art). Applicants for funding must show alignment to COMAR 13A.04.16 Programs in Fine Arts certification procedures for Fine Arts: “Each local school system shall report annually their goals, objectives, and strategies regarding the implementation of fine arts instructional programming and methods for measuring progress.”

The purpose of the grant funding is to expand programs in the five arts disciplines (defined as dance, media arts, music, theatre, and visual arts) and ensure that all students have access to arts programming aligned to the state standards and aligned to LEA goals for fine arts. Each LEA is required by COMAR 13A.04.16.01 to provide an instructional program in fine arts each year for all students in grades prekindergarten-8 as follows:

  • Within the prekindergarten-5 grade span, students shall have experiences in the fine art forms of dance, media arts, music, theater, and visual arts.

  • Within grades 6-8, students may specialize in one or more of the fine art forms of dance, media arts, music, theatre, and visual art.

The LEAs must provide an instructional program that enables all students in grades 9-12 to meet graduation requirements, and to select from among fine arts elective courses of dance, media arts, music, theatre, and visual art that will prepare them for postsecondary education and careers.

When will the application be open?

This Grant Information Guide (GIG) was released on June 21, 2024.

When will the application be open?

Proposals are due no later than 5pm on August 23, 2024.

Funding Amount Available


Estimated Number of Grants

Twenty-five (25)

Customer Service Support Sessions

MSDE will hold three customer service support sessions for interested applicants. During this session, MSDE personnel will provide an overview of the application process. The session will be on:

2:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.

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10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

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11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

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If you have questions about the application or the process, please contact the Program Manager:

Elizabeth Devereux
Director of Comprehensive Arts Education
Office of Instructional Programs and Services

Office: (410) 767-1036


Grant Information Guide and Application for Participation (Word)