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Congrats to the 2020 Maryland Teacher of the Year

Wyatt Oroke

English Language Arts, Grades 7-8


Maryland’s schools, students, and communities benefit from a variety of productive and supportive partnerships that are maintained by the Maryland State Department of Education with the private sector and community organizations. Through advocacy and generous underwriting, our partners enable the implementation of a variety of education initiatives. These include recognition programs honoring outstanding educators, administrators, and schools.

Original song Treasures of the Night offers hope during COVID-19 Pandemic: The striking sunset you see is paired with an original song composed and sung by Maryland State Department of Education's Dr. Darla Strouse with photos arranged by Somerset County Teacher of the Year Christy South. The song and video, inspired by the COVID-19 Pandemic, speak to the hope and beauty that lie ahead.

Maryland Teachers of the Year (TOY)

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Contact Information

Dr. Darla Strouse
Executive Director
Office of Partnerships
410-767-0370 or 0369

Teacher of the Year

2020 - 2021

Blue Ribbon School

2019 - 2020

Milken Winner

2019 - 2020

30th Teacher of the Year Gala

October 8, 2020


Maryland Blue Ribbon School

Maryland Milken Winner
Erin Wyatt