#CTEMonth - Student Spotlight

Indya Peacock

HVAC Apprentice
Crossland High School, Prince George's Public Schools

Student Spotlight, Indya Peacock HVAC Apprentice Crossland High School

Meet Indya Peacock, a current senior at Crossland High School in the CTE HVAC program, is a PGCPS trailblazer as our FIRST Youth Apprentice. Youth Apprenticeships officially called the Apprenticeship Maryland Program (AMP), allow 16-18 year old high school students to apprentice with local employers. During their apprenticeship, the student takes a one credit course of “related instruction” and completes a minimum of 450 hours of on-the-job training (OJT) with the employer while in high school. AMP gives students an opportunity to “Earn and Learn” in a career field of their interest.

Indya was hired as a Youth Apprentice by Crockett Facilities Service in the spring on 2021. She has completed her related instruction and has accumulated more than 400 hours of her OJT. We asked Indya to reflect on her experience so far, and to offer some advice to other students considering apprenticeship programs.

Why did you want to be a Youth Apprentice?

I saw it as a great opportunity to introduce myself into the work world and get a feel for my future career before I graduate high school. That way everything won’t be completely new to me and I have a general feel for my career when I first start out after high school. 

How would you describe your progress from when you entered your first HVAC course to now?

After seeing various equipment and tools and procedures being done in person I can say that I understand a lot more information about HVAC than I did with my first HVAC course. I was able to understand most of HVAC from books but after seeing how things work in action it makes a HUGE difference and gives you a different type of understanding where I know what something is since I saw it. I now know a good portion about different types of HVAC units, tools, and what to do and not to do. 

What are your goals for the future?

My short-term goal is to become an HVAC apprentice and graduate from my apprenticeship. My long-term goal is to become specialized in specific HVAC equipment and start a business in HVAC.

What do you like about your apprenticeship so far?

I like that there is so much to learn in HVAC and how many technicians all have their own specialties. I also like how every day it's a new environment and you don’t just stay in one place.

What advice would you give to someone considering an apprenticeship program?

Take a lot of notes and take a lot of pictures when you can. Notes help you remember what you’ve done and pictures also help reinforce your notes allowing you to remember things easier. Asking questions is also just as beneficial as taking notes. 

The information you learn in the apprenticeship program will follow you for life and your knowledge will grow if you allow yourself to keep learning new information.

Indya, we are so proud of you and are wishing the greatest success as you finish your senior year with advanced skills and experiences to help you meet your career goals! 

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Indya Peacock