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It is essential that every student has access to and participates in computer science learning experiences as an essential part of their education to meet the demands of the current and future workplace. The Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) has been working to build capacity for statewide implementation of computer science. MSDE is collaborating with stakeholders to:
  • Develop a K-12 Computer Science Framework
  • Develop Maryland K12 Computer Science Standards and provide guidance for their implementation;
  • Provide professional learning experiences and resources for Maryland educators to implement Computer Science and computational thinking in PK-12 classrooms; 
  • Expand computer science teacher certification options;
  • Expand options available for students to fulfill graduation requirements with computer science courses;
  • Expand Computer Science Education in High Schools;
  • Expand Career and Technical Education Computer Science Programs of Study; and
  • Provide funding for computer science professional learning, equipment, and course implementation.

MSDE will continue to build capacity so that all Maryland students have the opportunity to engage in high-quality computing education.


Career and Technical Education Computer Science Programs of Study

Click here to learn about the following Computer Science Programs of Study

  • Java Database Academy (Oracle)
  • IT Networking Academy (Cisco)
  • PLTW Computer Science
  • Mobile Application and Software Development (Apple) - In Development
  • Data Science - In Development

Computer Science Teacher Association
Computer Science Teacher Association

Participate in Maryland's CSTA organization to support PreK-12 computer science education.

General Information

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Scott Nichols
Computer Science Specialist, Office of College and Career Pathways
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Elissa Hozore
Coordinator of Career Programs, STEM, and Computer Science, Office of College and Career Pathways
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