State Fiscal Year (SFY) 2025 Documents

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March 5, 2025 - SFY 2025 Annual Consolidated Lead Implementation Grant Information Session #1 [PowerPoint Presentation]

Appendix A: Signed Recipient Assurances

Appendix B: CLIG Assurances (Included in the Application)

Appendix C: Federal Certifications

Appendix D: Screenshot of valid registration with UEI Number

Appendix E: General Education Provisions Act (GEPA), Section 427 - Revised for SFY 2024

Appendix F: Designation of LLA, if applicable: the local governing authority of each jurisdiction shall appoint an agency to assume the responsibilities of the local lead agency (COMAR 13A.13.02.08A). The appointment may take the form of a letter, executive order, proclamation, or other methods of notification from the executive authority that designates the local lead agency.

Appendix G: LLA Authorization: A copy of the documentation authorizing the LLA for the grant period is required ONLY if the LLA has changed from the previous SFY.

Appendix H: Local Interagency Agreement that meets the provisions of this program; see the Local Interagency Agreement section of the Grant Information Guide for guidance.

Appendix I: Assurance of Local Capacity (Included in the Application)

Appendix J: LICC Review Statement (Included in the Application)

Appendix K: LICC Membership Directory (Included in the Application)

Appendix L: LITP Policies and Procedures

Appendix M: Linking Funds to Program Improvement Chart

Appendix N: A complete package of the budget documentation generated by the SFY CLIG Budget Submissions Workbook, including all required signatures.

Appendix O: State Systemic Improvement Plan Template.

  • Interim Progress / Cumulative Variance Report

  • Final Progress / Cumulative Variance Report

  • Financial Report (Annual and Final) for payment code 0

  • MSDE Standard Invoice

  • Grants Amendment C - 1 - 25 Budget Forms and Budget Detail

  • FFY 2024/ SFY 2025 Preschool Special Education & Related Services ACTUAL Expenditures (September 30)

  • SFY 2024 Maintenance of Effort Compliance Template and Certifications (January 31, 2025)

  • SFY 2025 Excess Costs Template and Certifications (January 31, 2025)


Daniele Redivo
Management Associate, Resource Management and Monitoring
Division of Early Intervention and Special Education Services
Office: (410) 767 - 0261
Fax: (410) 333-8165

Jamalden Gowans
Section Chief Grants, Division of Early Intervention and Special Education Services

Offivce: (410) 767-0262
Fax: (410) 333-8165

​Division of Early Intervention and Special Education Services

Resource Management and Monitoring Branch

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